Stupid things that freak me out...

Friday, May 30, 2014

So I can't be the only one that has some really irrational fears right!? Like my mind goes crazy with all the things that can go wrong some are real some are just out right stupid. Here is a list of stupid things Im afraid of. You're welcome.

1. My boobs popping... I have implants.. I just got them in February and I am super afraid that something I do is going to pop them. Therefore: I'm always on top, Im not water sliding, Im scared to jump on the trampoline... yall these are some serious fears. Maybe its the newness...please tell me that this will go away!

2. Texting the wrong person. I thoroughly check my text messages before I send them because omg what if my mom gets a sexy text (EW) or for example the other day I was texting my b/f about my bosses kinda being in pissy moods, thank God I checked before I sent because I was actually texting my boss. Or one time I was texting my (now ex) husband calling him the biggest piece of shit ever and well I actually sent it to my landlord. Awkward!

3. Roller coasters or any amusement park ride. I used to ride these things and think nothing of it. Now I can't even I start thinking of screws getting loose and me plunging to my death. I dont think I have ridden a amusement park ride since before my children were born!

4.Doctor's phone calls. Dude if I go in for my yearly and you tell me to come back in 6 months, for the next 6 months I will think Im dying of some unspeakable disease only found in some part of the world I've never even been too... seriously #paranoid.

5. Fist fighting.. Im 27 years old and I've never been in a real fight. Like EVER! However, I'm super freaked out about it. What if I cry like a little bitch OR what if its just like in my dreams and every time I throw a punch it's in super slow motion and when I connect with this person's face they just look at me like ahh hell naw!

6. Sticking my hand in the pool filter. So my boyfriend has a pool service business and sometimes I go to work with him. He always makes me empty the filter baskets. However, I am terrified to do so. What if there is a snake curled up in there and it bites me and I die?!  I usually do a little something like this before I actually stick my hand in that basket. Sidenote... I could post some of the gross shiz hes pulled from a pool, but you might be eating so I wont.

7. Calling people. I dont know why this freaks me out but you won't find me calling the radio station to win something, calling a company for information, or sales calls. I hate it when my bosses make me do it at work like I get really uncomfortable. #isthatweird

8. Being kidnapped. No Im not a kid, but seriously when Im running I have a  fear someone is going to stop and snatch me up and I'll never be seen again.There are some really sketchy people in this world and the ice cream man in his weird ass van seriously creeps me out! It looks like this but has bible versus all over it which makes it more creepy to me because in my mind you're trying too hard to prove you're not a kidnapper... #logic
9. Eyes.
Seriously eyes freak me out. I hope my kids never get any kinda eye junk because I will freak out if I have to put meds in them or even look for more than  a split second. I have chills just thinking about it....ew!

and 10. Pennies.
Yes I said pennies as in the worthless copper coins that people dispose of quite often. I can't stand the way they feel and 9 times out of 10 theyre in my disgusting cupholder and they feel gross and please dont ever make me touch a penny! I always tell the cashier to keep them...its not just any change bc I will pick silver change up all day but something about pennies just gross me out.

Tell me I'm not the only one!!! What freaks you out that probably doesn't bother anyone else??


  1. Girlfriend these aren't stupid, they are totally legit. I am SO paranoid about texting the wrong person! On an old phone I had, I did it all of the time and it has just embedded permanent paranoia in me! Also, sticking the hand in the water filter, SO funny! When I was growing up and we had a pool, I was THE SAME WAY, it terrified me... it was like Jaws was going to magically appear and snatch my hand off, haha.

  2. HA! This is great! And omg I have the same dream about getting in a fight, my punch is in slow motion and then my fist turns to jelly at connection. WTF is that about! I think I would be ok in a fight though. Adrenaline! I've texted and emailed the wrong people. I did it once at work, shit. Instead of forwarding I hit reply. eek thank god it wasn't that bad!

  3. haha some of these freak me out too! Except for the implants of course. I have ginormous knockers that everyone thinks are implants. Nope

  4. You're the only one. You're crazy. lol--no you're fine!! You cracked me up today though!! I think you should pick up the phone and call me right now, while holding your hand full of pennies in a pool filter... lmao!!

  5. LOL when I was reading number 10, at first I thought you said penises. I had to reread it twice to see it was pennies. Wow, Nadine..

    I am terrified of calling people too!!!! People think I am nuts! I also dont like roller coasters, and am afraid of being kidnapped or have a SVU incident.

    Going to the eye dr is awful for me. I get all squirmy and cant stand having people look in them or mess with them and the drops. Oh the drops. I HATE IT!

  6. #4 and #8 are my fears as well! Totally always think someone is going to rape me and kill me...

  7. haha these are hilarious! pennies dont freak me out but i do think they are kind of silly but then again we dont have them. no fake boobs so no advice there! and texting the wrong person, haha yes. that pic is so funny and so gross at the same time.

  8. I have a fear of drowning and I almost did in 2005 when I had a waverunner accident. Now that fear has escalated.

    I double check my texts all the time... My boyfriend (at the time/husband now) and I would sometimes text back and forth lyrics to songs. One day there were a crap ton of awesome songs on and the song Don't Cha by Pussycat Dolls came on... I text him "dontcha wish your girlfriend was hot like me...and hit send. I looked a few seconds later and noticed I sent it to my ex-husband who had a skanky gf at the time... oops. Try explaining that one and subduing his attitude. I laugh now, at the time it wasn't so funny. Lesson learned.

  9. Haha I got a good laugh out of this before I realized a lot of this freaks me out as well. Especially the creeper scenario while I'm running and the texting the wrong person. It's happened to me a few times (the texting not the kidnapping) so I'm extra careful now lol

  10. sending an email or IM to the wrong person makes me nervous that's why i always double check before hitting the Enter button!

    Vodka and Soda

  11. Haha loved this! I'm still terrified of getting kidnapped and I'm almost 26 years old!! And I stay off of WebMD because I'm always convinced I'm dying after I go on there. Dangerous!

  12. D U M B A S S
    from the beginning till the end: what a fucking stupid dumbass
    t y p i c a l * s t u p i d * f e m a l e *
    AAAA it fn hurts seriously you're that dumb but surely, you do not even have an idea W H Y

  13. I've been in a fist fight. Hahahaha! The adrenaline hits ya! ;P

  14. Bwahahaha! Seriously lmao through this post! And holy boobjob, I want a pair! I was a good enough size before kids, then after my last kid, my boobs shrank big-time! I'm seriously wanting to get them done.

    And I text the wrong people all the time. Thankfully no sexts. Yet. Hahaha.

  15. I'm totally the same way about phone calls. I get so panicky when I have to call people. I hate it!

    My crazy fear is mirrors and windows. Anything with a reflective surface, really. Because in the movies, that's always when the bad guy shows up. Right when you look away from the mirror and then look back and he's behind you.

  16. I've honestly texted the wrong person. I dont remember the whole deal but I did and then played it off like oh i meant to say that LOL or something.

    let's see. some times public toilets freak me out b/c I think gosh i hope i dont get something some fat ass has left on here LOL.

    i'm not sure what else but i'm sure things do. LOL


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