Im not THAT mom....

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Im not THAT mom that thinks flippin unicorns and rainbows come out of my kid's ass! I know he can be an irritating little shit at times and I know that he does bad things. Hes 7...or will be Friday. However when you come at me with some bullshit about my kids please be prepared to meet mama bear!

Yesterday I talked about wanting to kick Mike's baby mama in her teeth...yall I hate the word baby mama but whatever it fits

She lives across the street from us SAY WHAAT yea she does. Its actually been really convenient since her and her boyfriend don't work they take the kids (hers and mine) to school every morning and keep them in the afternoon until Mike and I get home. Let me just add this worked the entire school year and here we are 3 days before schools out for summer and dun dun dun DRAMA!

I got a text from her at 7:30 in the morning with a text that began like this YOU NEED TO KEEP BAILEY FROM ....blah blah blah! She then had the nerve to say well you work all the time so you dont know what all goes on. Bitch slow your roll, do not tell me what I need to do with my kids. Im raising not 1 not 2 but 3 kids I think I got this and one of them happens to be yours! Also, I was a stay at home mom for 6 years I know EXACTLY what my kid does and doesnt do! #yourenotmomoftheyear . Friday she had her son she gets him every other weekend. Bailey was at home with me, Saturday we had Bailey's bday party and as soon as it was over he went to his dads and didn't return until 7pm Sunday when he promptly took a shower ate dinner and went to bed. However her boyfriend accused Bailey of knowing about some sort of theft that went on at her house this weekend and then tried to tell me that Bailey called her boyfriend a liar and demanded to know what the culprits looked like. Dude my kid is 7 he knows nothing about theft or calling an adult a liar and he told me he asked what the boy was wearing bc he was wondering if it was the boy that throws rocks at him. Please tell me which sounds more like a 7 year olds response?!

I let it go I was like whatever there's only 3 days of school left I can deal with this bullshit..Im not that mom that's crazy over protective. I know my kid is going to be treated unfairly in his lifetime, I know his feelings will get hurt, hes going to get scuffed knees, and he will get his heart broken one day. I can deal with reality I make my kid be held responsible when he fucks up but when hes innocent I'm going to go the hell off!

side note the oldest Mike and Cunt face's son lives with us but here lately he hasnt been wanting to come home and Mike wanted to know what was up.

Cunt face decides to tell Mike that his son doesnt want to come home because my cooking sucks #ouch!

 I get it your mom makes hamburger helper and easy mac and I cook things that arent processed junk. What kid wouldnt choose the helper over fresh veggies. Mike told her that was unacceptable and he had stuff to do at home. So T did what any 8 year old does to get their way. He lied. He proceeds to tell his mother (cunt face) that Bailey gets him in trouble all the time and is mean.

side note: I get on to Bailey 100% more than T because Bailey is mine and I dont want to over step my boundaries.

As cunt face is standing all eagle pride in my fuckin living room like shes about to lay the smack down on me,  Mike and I both call bullshit! First of all T has his face buried in a pillow because hes lying and second of all the punishment at my house ALWAYS fits the crime. If you did it you will be punished if you didn't you're not getting punished I'm not mommy dearest!

She said um no he gets T in trouble at my house all the time. Thats it I went the fuck off... like I said by no means am I THAT mom but Im not going to allow ANYONE to bully my kid. T and his mom were bullying my kid (thats how I felt anyway). So we had a screaming match #babymamadrama and I grounded T for lying and I told her she was no longer picking up my child and Id make other arrangements. T ended up riding with me this morning and I said want to tell me the real truth or what? Yall the kid caused all this BULLSHIT over some damn hamburger helper.
I dont blame T though I really dont. If his mom was not  a part time mom she'd know when an 8 year old was playing her. A real mom wouldn't bully a 7 year old. A real mom would know kids are going to be kids and shit happens. I ain't THAT mom but I'm a real mom and you don't mess with mama bear!


  1. You've got to stand up for what it right! Way to go Brittney. I'd stand up for mine as well.

  2. wow. this is absolutely nuts!

  3. I would have became momma bear too. I don't have to deal with ex drama yet because my ex isn't dating or remarried... I dread the day I do.

  4. This is why I couldn't be a mom. I would go crazy on a bitch for acting a fool. Absolutely crazy/


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