Tuesday, October 7, 2014

I guess in honor of October I will show my ghost face. I truly miss my blog but honestly by the time I get home in the afternoon typing or doing more 'work' seems like the last thing on my mind.

Job stuff

I am still long term subbing I finished my first grade special ed job early September and jumped right into Kindergarten. Doing this has definitely rekindled my love for teaching I never dread Mondays and the days just seem to fly by. I will be finished with my kindergarten class November 13, and I will jump right into 2nd grade until early February. Needless to stay this school is keeping me busy and I absolutely cannot wait to be here full time next year. I feel like I am learning way more than I ever did in college.

Workout stuff
So I have gained about 5lbs since I started teaching... kiddos have special events just about every week. The night before school started I hurt my back sneezing  organizing my classroom. I was barely walking and having to take pain pills just to make it through the day. About 3 weeks ago the pain finally subsided and I started walking afterschool. The pounds haven't come off but I will get there. I really miss running but I am scared of injuring my back again. This is the second time my back has went out on my this year. I really should go to the doctor but #brokegirlproblems. So to an extent I fell off the wagon but I am desperately trying to get those 5lbs off so back to eating well and no more cupcakes from the kiddos ;)

Baby daddy drama
Well I guess no news is good news. We went to court in May and up until then he was seeing the kids and paying child support. Once he got off with a slap on the wrist he was back to not paying and we haven't heard from him. My son wanted to call him early in September so I said go ahead and call. Of course there was no answer and instead of calling my son back, he emailed me and told me next time B was going to call I needed to email him with a time. UMMM since when do you need an appointment to speak to your father...PSH #aintnobodygottimeforthat. FINALLY after 2 years we have a court date for child support October 20th hopefully things will change and I will start getting some help with the kids but if not I got this!
Home life
Mike and I are still going strong and I love him more and more each day. The kids still have days where they think they are only children and that causes some tensions but we are all finding our place and adjusting to one another. I mean its been almost 2 years you'd think we would have it down by now but we like chaos. I got a new truck yay I finally got my dream car.. Ford Expedition ;) It sucks on gas but I love it so much! We are currently planning a Halloween party and I am super stoked about it. We are going to be Jack and Sally from Nightmare before Christmas :) Hopefully I will update this thing again so I can share pictures.
Well that's a summarized version of what's been happening in my life the last couple months! Our next break is in November... but I hope to update before then LOL!
and I am at work so no Gifs but love ya mean it!