So what else is new? You may have noticed the new tab up top with the title, #trackthetank. Candra and Tia came up with a crazy idea to include a bunch of bloggers all over the U.S. and a giveaway. It's kind of like that movie, Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, but with a workout tank. We made a custom tank top, with the hashtag, TrackTheTank, and had it shipped to Candra. They gathered 25 additional bloggers. Candra signs the shirt, takes a selfie and uploads to IG or Twitter with the hashtag, #trackthetank. She then ships it off to the next person on the list. The tank will be making its rounds all over the US. Each lady that receives the shirt gets to then write a post about "What Motivates You" to stay in shape, stay healthy, commit to be fit, whatever. And you folks get to follow along! At the end of the journey, it will end up in my hands, and will probably have accumulated a few extra goodies along the way. We will do a GIVEAWAY to one lucky winner to receive the tank top and all the other stuff that came along for the ride. Pretty cool, huh? 

 We encourage you to follow along with this journey, and you will always to be able to catch up on where the shirt is at by clicking the page above, or just be lazy, and click HERE. The tank top started in New Hampshire and just landed in Maine. Here is the list of bloggers that are participating in the order of the journey! 
and finally, 

 Phew, quite a journey!! But it will be fun and a great way to stay motivated in our fitness journey through November, when the giveaway will commence!

*I copy/pasted Tia's original post about this giveaway because #lazy*

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