Hands on. Pants off.

Thursday, May 1, 2014


So Tia over at Hands on Pants off is obviously awesome look at her blog title, and she decided to graciously pimp out some bloggers. I begged her to pretty please pick me She totally picked my blog and 4 others! Im following them and you should too!


Back to Tia, her blog is so much fun to read and if you're looking for a new blog design shes your girl! Check out her design page HERE go on, go I will wait!!

Here is a little of Tia's about me....

Hands On, Pants off is how I like to look at my life.
I get my hands dirty. I make shit happen.
But I like to do it comfortably.
There is nothing better than coming home from a long day of work and a long commute and taking off my pants as I walk in the door. And my bra.
After that it's over.
I just want a cocktail and five seconds of silence, which usually doesn't happen.

Finish reading the rest HERE.. The pictures are fabulous and she is totally a blast in a glass! Wait did I just quote meatball # 2? kill me now

Anyway, I am so grateful that she is spotlighting me in the month of May and to return the favor I want all my followers (all 7 of yall) go follow Tia and tell her I sent you!





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