20x31 WEEK 2

Friday, May 9, 2014

The fabulous ladies at JVKom Chronicles, 24 to 30, Optimistic Health, and Running Smiles put together this fabulous challenge where you have to move your body any way you want for 20 minutes (or more) every day for the month of May. Lately I have been slacking so this challenge has totally helped me get back on the running wagon. You can read last week's update here.

Week 2. I left off on Friday last week so this week will be from Saturday until Friday.

Saturday 5/3 140 minutes
Friday night we went out late and didnt get home until 4am.. I was pretty sure I was going to fail this challenge come Saturday. However, I got up at 6am YES 6am took my kids to McDonalds and then walked for 20 minutes at the park and then came home and cleaned my house for 2 hours... hangover for the win!

Sunday 5/4 20 minutes
Sunday I actually got pissed off at the people in my home and needed some fresh air so I went for a walk. Score for me I found a brand new patio set that someone sat on the side of the road with a free sign next to it. Yay for random walks around the neighborhood ;)

Monday 30 minutes
The weather was so nice out I finally ran 2.5 miles it was the first time ive really ran since winter showed up, it took some getting used to but it felt great!

Tuesday 20 minutes
Tuesday was a slow day at work and I felt like I was going to fall asleep at my desk. I looked up "workouts you can do at your desk" I found this short video by Denise Austin and decided to do it repeatedly for 20 minutes :)

Wednesday 29 minutes
Aunt flow came to visit and all I really wanted to do was sit in my Pjs and eat ice cream but I toughed it out. It was like 90 degrees outside so I didnt run my usual 2.5-3 miles but I got 2.15 in so that was good enough!

Thursday 45 minutes
I walked for 25 minutes running with Brock in the stroller and I also completed my crossfit ab workout. I said I was going to do crossfit abs every other day in my May goals but to be honest I havent been but I have been doing some sort of ab workout every other day so same thing right?

Friday 34 minutes
Its Friday and I havent completed this yet but I am running as soon as I get home from work we have a busy busy weekend ahead of us I think its going to be tough to get 20 mins in but Im sure I will.

Total minutes this week: 327 WOOT WOOT!

Its never too late to join in! Click one of the ladies names above and link up with us :))


  1. Dang girl! You are rockin! And with a hangover?! You are my hero. So happy to see you are using the printable! Thanks again for linking up!

  2. I just did that video! Thanks for posting it! Working a desk job can really suck!

  3. Yeah for the patio set! Denise is a legend! What a great workout to do at the office.

  4. You really are rockin this fitness challenge! You should be super proud of yourself!


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