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Sunday, May 4, 2014

I have yet to do an "about me" post so I am doing that now to add to my navigation bar :)


My name is Brittney, I am 27 years old!
I am a punk roc
k mama!
I love: loud music, tattoos, concerts, my nose ring, being barefoot, & be
ing silly 99.9% of the time. I love making people laugh & my family is my whole world! I love being from the South, and don't plan on moving out of Alabama! I can honestly say I love living here. I am the world's best procrastinator, and I can be inappropriate at the wrong times. I hate shopping.. I mean seriously I hate it. Im probably the only girl around here that would say it, but I'd rather be riding 4 wheelers, rope swinging into the lake, and getting dirty than getting a mani pedi & shopping all damn day long! That just ain't me... I told yall I was a southern gal..
On the serious side: Children are my passion.. I've wanted to be a teacher since I was in Kindergarten and my dreams have never changed. I
completed college in May 2013 with my teaching degree, however as of now I am a loan processer at a mortgage company.
I started this blog to start over new. I blogged for 5 years at Real Talk (where I copy/pasted most of this About me) and well I felt it was time for a new start so here I am Brittney, Breaking Free. I wanted this blog to be a place of my personal growth from the old me to the new me.
Ive been dating Mike since last year and we are totally shacking up and, together (2 are mine 1 is his) we have THREE boys and life with them is never dull!

Bailey This is my oldest, and the one that drives me up the wall! He is 6 going on 14!  He's got his mama's attitude & Daddy's temper.. we are in for some trouble! LOL I am amazed at how smart this kid is.. Im not just being biased.. he doesnt forget ANYTHING, and when your talking to him it's like your talking to a grown person! However, He also get's his silliness from me, we laugh and play all day long! He gets his music taste from his daddy though, my 6 year old loves rap music and it is by far the funniest thing ever when he gets to bobbin' his head and rapping  He loves music, cars, and dancing! He is a typical boy.. and a typical southern boy at that.. he likes to be barefoot & shirtless and loves to get dirty!


Brock is my youngest. He is 2 (hello terrible 2s). He is his mommy made over. He melts my heart every single day! He loves to dance and smile and the boy loves to eat! Told you he was just like his mama! He is amazing and he can make anyone fall in love with him within moments!
Talan, is Mike's son. He is 8 years old and I love him as if he was my own. He is just like his daddy! Loves video games and anything technology or super hero. I always wondered what being a step parent was like, and while Mike & I aren't married, I get to be a second mama to another little boy who absolutely fills my heart as well! 
Last but not least....
I met Mike online (go figure) March 9, 2013. I think it was love at first sight! We moved in together that May & have been doing so ever since...so almost a year. This man is absolutely amazing. We never fight and just being with him changes my mood. We both have big hearts, like video games, and being with our boys. Mike loves LOVES playing pool and has also taught me. He's a lot of fun, and keeps me smiling!!!


  1. YOU DON'T LIKE SHOPPING?! I don't know if I can associate with you anymore... ;P

  2. Nice to learn some more about you :) Your family is precious, I wanna have some little boys of my own some day. And I know what you mean about kids, I absolutely love them. I wanted to be a teacher for the longest, and all my jobs (besides my job now) have been working with kids.

  3. cool - looks like you guys are a happy family - 3 boys must be lots of fun:)

  4. awww so happy to learn more about you!! I have a 6 yr old and a 2 yr old too! Its fun isn't it haaa. You sound like a great step momma! We have allot in common, the louder the music the better, I have 5 tats and a nose ring, and if I could be barefoot all the time I would be!!

  5. Your kiddos are adorable!


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