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Saturday, May 3, 2014

So our oldest son plays baseball and the coach usually sends out group texts letting the parents know when practices are and games and who needs to bring snacks. Usually we always ALWAYS get all the replies. Mike's phone blows up on Saturdays from all the parents texting the coach back. Friday night T had a game at 7:30 pm. Mike and I were sitting at a friends house when he got a text that went a little something like this:

Ima let yall white folks keep this baseball bullshit
Aint no body got time for racist ass coaches 
what coach says kiss my ass... no you kiss my ass
My son wont be back

Yall I thought I was going to freaking die! I am missing some of the text I cant remember all of it but I definitely remember the first and last line. Apparently her son was the only black boy on the team (not true) and he was benched every game (not true). Its little league there is no one benched at any time.  Turns out she just never brought him to the practices or games but I dont know how this text made its grand appearance. 

Okay you're mad, you're pulling the race card I totally get that. What I dont get is the last line Obama Baby.... ummmm?

Obama is going to do what exactly about this particular situation.

Hey maybe she just likes to end her texts with people in political offices maybe her last text said Hey honey bring home some milk ROMNEY BABY


Sorry we can't make it to the party this weekend we're busy CLINTON RULES


Hey what are you doing today? PALIN FOR THE WIN


Im going to be a little late tonight MCCAIN IS MY HOMEBOY

This was my entertainment for quite a few hours. Seriously after everything I said I yelled Obama Baby! 

Have you ever gotten a ridiculous text that humored you for hours? Share it with me!

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