#20X31 Week 3

Friday, May 16, 2014

The fabulous ladies at JVKom Chronicles, 24 to 30, Optimistic Health, and Running Smiles put together this fabulous challenge where you have to move your body any way you want for 20 minutes (or more) every day for the month of May. 

Read last weeks update HERE. Wow I cant believe its already been 3 weeks. A HUGE thanks to Jen for keeping me motivated I can definitely tell a difference in the way I feel. I can say I slacked off a little this week but Im trying to get back into it as good as I was the other 2 weeks.

As usual I will update from Saturday- Friday :)

Saturday 5/10 : 45 mins
Hip Hop Abs by Shuan T. Just an FYI this totally did not feel like exercise but holy hell was I sore the next day!! Definitely going to keep doing this!

Sunday 5/11: 20 minutes
Sunday was Mother's day and we ate A LOT. Im probably not going to see a happy number Monday when I weigh myself but whatever it was mother's day. After stuffing our faces me and my 2 oldest went on a bike ride for 20-25 minutes. They loved every minute of it. My ass didn't love it, 3 miles on a kids bike is killer.

Monday 5/12: 30 minutes
I got home from work and ran 32 minutes. Let me just say my boys again wanted to join me and I started laughing out loud when they stopped half way because they couldnt keep running. I dont care if you're judging me right now because 2 years ago I got winded walking to the mailbox NOW my kids get winded before I do. #Winning

Tuesday 5/13 45 minutes
I needed to workout but Bailey's birthday is Saturday and my house is in desperate need of cleaning especially since our septic tank overflowed #ew this weekend. So my cardio was really REALLY cleaning my bathrooms. I definitely worked up a sweat!

Wednesday 5/14 20 minutes
It was raining and nasty outside on this day and I knew I wouldnt be running in it. We were slow at work so I found SEVERAL office workouts on youtube. I think I did 3 total which ended up being right over 20 minutes.

Thursday 5/15 55 minutes
Finally it quit raining and I wanted to run but Mike didnt get off until late so I did 45 minutes of Hip Hop Abs and then walked a mile with the kids. I am definitely starting to see definition in my stomach!

Friday 5/16 ??
Okay so Bailey's party is tomorrow and carpets have to be cleaned and the house still needs  to be organized and decorated. My Friday night will be spent scrubbing floors and decorating...I'm pretty sure this counts as cardio right?

Total minutes this week 215 :)


  1. Yes! Cleaning totally counts. Especially if you clean like I do. I blast the radio and shake my booty all over the house. I am so proud of how far you have come! If the kids are getting winded before you, you are definitely doing something right! Thanks for linking up again! And have a fun party day tomorrow!

  2. You are doing awesome. I got up early this morning to get my moving in because I knew that with my date with the girls tonight and the fact that we are camping this weekend I was going to do more sitting then anything. I will get up and walk tomorrow morning and Sunday. I find myself actually waking earlier or going to bed later to get in my 20... I love this challenge. Keep up the good work.

  3. damn, you go girl! yay abs! you're so motivating to my lazy ass :)

  4. I totally count cleaning as cardio! And ummmm...maybe I need to get Hip Hop Abs because dang girl...look at those abs!

  5. You're doing great! If I clean for an hour and a half I totally count it as cardio.

  6. You look great! I started back working out Wednesday 5 months after my major surgery and let me tell you my entire body is SORE! I can barely move, lol. The good thing is that since I used to workout I'll gain the muscle tone back fast! Keep up the good work!

  7. Get it guuuul! And cleaning IS cardio! I've been so sore after doing it sometimes!

  8. I'm with the others - your hip hop abs look not only like are you getting fabulous rewards (seriously rocking it in your photo!) it sounds like fun and I really need that when it comes to both cleaning AND fitness. LOL.

    I also realize I am not being specific in counting my time and accounting for it on my blog post. Considering I write about how "muddy" my progress is, this would be one way to keep on track. Thank you for inspiring me!

  9. I love your blog - just followed! ♥
    Would love if you checked out mine sometime too so we can stay in touch!


  10. Love that minion meme! LOL. I always break a sweat when cleaning. Its serious cardio!!

    Kristen @ Your Beauty Fix

  11. I have heard that Hip Hops abs is killer! I think it's great that you included your kids on your run!

  12. What a great job!! And cleaning house can totally count for cardio!!


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