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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Today I had my teaching job interview that I was telling you guys about last week. Over the weekend I tried to freshen up on special education terms and really figure out my answers. You know so I would sound like I had my stuff together. I was feeling pretty confident when I left the house this morning; my outfit was on point and I really felt like I had my answers locked and loaded.
Sorry no full length mirror at work but trust me my outfit is adorable ;)

We all know it never plays out like it is in your head right?

Anyway my interview was at 9:10 but I wanted to make a good impression so I got there at 8:45 hashtag brownie points! Well the person that was supposed to interview before me didn't show up so I was the very first interview of the day which is good I didn't have to outshine anyone before me.

A nice woman comes out of the double doors and asks me if I am ready and quite positively I said absolutely with a big smile on my face. ((I have chronic B* face and I have to plaster a cheesy grin on my face otherwise Id look like I want to eat your soul.)

Right before we get to the doors she turns around and says oh by the way, there are 7 principals in here, not just one. Don't worry you'll do great.

Noo please I think I'm going to be sick, I legit started totally feeling what B rabbit was feeling before his big rap battle... if I had moms spaghetti it might have come up just sayin'.

I was already nervous but now I have S-E-V-E-N people listening to me, judging me, deciding my future. I was ready to die right then and there. However I was like I got this fake it til you make it right?
I went in and shook all there hands and I had my portfolio with me but I totally forgot to give it to them because I was clinging to it so tightly at that moment, it was keeping my planted in my chair.

They each began asking me questions and guess what I was doing an awesome job! Of course I didnt say half the things I rehearsed in my head and I totally should have but I was just trying to stay calm and do my best to not throw up or start crying.

I had made it through 6 of the 7 principal's questions and I had an answer for everything and I was feeling pretty confident. Then the last one asked me what RTI was and I froze....

Um what? Then Im scrambling in my head what is this I know I heard it before I know what the acronym means (response to intervention) but how did I put it into practice. CRAP!

I have no idea if I answered this question correctly I just told them what I thought it was and told them I wasnt sure if I was correct but as a first year teacher my lack of experience is sometimes a weakness but I was willing to learn.

They didnt say how long it would be before they made a decision, I should have asked. Something else that totally slipped my mind *sighs*

When I got back to work I sent each principal an email saying thank you. I dont know if I got the job or not but that was definitely a good experience if I can take on 7 at one time, 1 will be a breeze next time.

I got to thinking though having seven interviews at one time is actually way better. I have better odds of actually landing a position.


  1. oh gosh, interviews suck dont they! i did an interview once and walked in and there were like 5 people there, and i was like wtf. no warning. sounds like you did great - here's hoping you get it!

  2. I am sending prayers your way. I am sure you rocked it!

  3. Totally understand where you are coming from! Interviews are very stressful! I too suffer from chronic b* face and I know what it is like to force a smile that doesn't look too creepy.

  4. Hope it goes in your favor :)

  5. Good luck!! It sounds like you did great--hope you get it!!!

  6. Good luck!

    I'd be SO nervous. I hate being in the spotlight and say ridiculous things when I am.

  7. In my experience you always do better than you think you did. I'm sure you rocked them! Besides I have also been on the other end of the interview process and they (hopefully) are aware of how overwhelming being interviewed like that is so a tiny slip up is more than fine!

  8. Oh man! That would've freaked me right out! Hey, at least you're prepared for if you ever have a huge audience again! hahah! Keep us posted! :D

  9. SEVEN AT ONCE? Holy crap. I would have frozen on the spot, so good job! lol

  10. Aspiring teacher too... but seriously? How did you answer RTI question because I don't even know what I would say on the topic? Fingers crossed you get the job! Are you already a teacher pursuing special ed. or are you a newbie like me?

  11. Good luck! I'm sure you nailed it! I also hate when they have multiple interviewers in the room it only makes me extra nervous!

  12. Best of luck to you with this job. That is pretty brutal having to meet with 7 people... how freaking big is that school? Haha. VERY good move by emailing and thanking them. That will make you stick out!

  13. Ugh that would've been so scary! The biggest interview I went on was done by 3 people and that was bad enough. Hope you get the job!

  14. any panel interview is intimidating! but 7?? that's huge, I'd likely panic as well. You did it though!! and left with confidence for any future interviews. Good for you.


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