How to work out at work...

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

I went from working at a daycare part time chasing kids around to working full time behind a desk doing nothing all day fetching files and answering phones. When I was working part time I was incorporating exercise into my lessons, my 3 year olds loved zumba, and running when I got off work at 11am everyday.

Now days when I get home from work I really don't feel like doing much of anything. I do run at least every other day, but some days I try to get my workout done throughout the day so I can binge watch netflix on the couch cook dinner, supervise homework, and watch tv with my kids.

Here are some ways to workout at work.

Squats. Every time I got to the bathroom I make a point to do 10 squats before I leave. I mean depending on how many times you go to the bathroom a day that number can add up.

Planks.. I mean usually I can hold this from 45 seconds to a minute. I try to get down and do a few planks a day.

Desk push ups... I mean what else do you have to do while you're waiting on those copies to finish?

So Im not expecting to get a six pack sitting in my desk chair but there are plenty of ab workouts you can do in your chair. Denise Austin has a great video its about 3 minutes long. I posted it on Friday. I completed it a few times in one day and I was definitely feeling it the next day.

5. Going to check the mail? Going to make coffee for your bosses? Do some lunges on the way.. dont worry the stares will stop.

Just tighten dat ass for like 60 seconds and then rest a few times... I dont know if this is a real workout but I read somewhere that it was so I do it.

Have a few minutes? Just move your chair and do wall sits... I'll admit I suck at these.. seriously they burn!

Jog in place... or hell take your lunch break and jog outside. I dont get a lunch break so Yeah you'll see me in my office working on my fitness.

9. Chair crunches I mean you're already sitting there anyway....

10. Calf raises. again move your chair and stand on your toes then back down. Do it until you feel the burn.

Those are the top 10 things I do to get a workout in while Im on the clock which makes it funner!


  1. Love this post! I work in an office as well and you can sure start to feel lazy after sitting around for a while! Just might have a try a few of these out!!!! =) Have a great Tuesday!!

  2. This is a great post!! As much water as I'm drinking now, I think I might get to 1000 squats at work a day!!

  3. I'm squeezing my butt as I type this.. lol

  4. I do squats every other time I go to the bathroom, I aim for 20 at a time. I also do wall pushups in there. Calf raises at the copier!

  5. I try to tighten my core every time I am on the phone. I don't know if it works but I would like to think so..I may start squeezing the tush to add to the fun. Thanks for sharing. I don't think I can do some of these without my clients questioning my sanity but I can do the one in the bathroom.

  6. ohhh great ideas...gonna do some now! Thanks!

  7. I totally sit on my but reading blogs on my lunch break but these are really good to do. Might try to incorporate while reading! ;)

  8. Every little bit adds up! p.s. I LOVE that part of Crazy Stupid Love. RG makes me swoon!

  9. Dammit... work sucks enough as it is... now you're trying to get me to work out during it, too? Fuck that noise. ;P

  10. I need to work out more. I'm just...lazy.

  11. We have a paging system at my job to avoid walking, but I'm notorious for showing up at your office instead of calling! I'll have to try some of these as well!

  12. I make myself walk a full lap around the quads everytime I go to the restroom, which for me is about every hour! ha.
    And if I'm using the microwave to warm up my lunch, I do wall sits while waiting those few minutes.

  13. I do the same thing, but at home. It's much easier dealing with stares from the kiddos than stares from co-workers!


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