Tuesday, May 27, 2014

My sweet baby boy! It doesnt feel like its been 7 years since I first held you in my arms but it has. You are all I could have hoped and wished for and you bring so much joy to my life. Wow time sure does fly when you're having fun! On May 23, sweet baby boy turned 7 years old and I couldn't be more proud of him. 7 years ago I had no idea how much he'd change my life. I love his silly faces, that he has his own preferences even if it is rap music over my country, that he's not ashamed to be his self ,his beautiful smile his loving personality. Before he came along I was just a young 20 year old with no purpose in life, however he changed that. The day he was born gave me a reason for breathing. God sure did bless me when he allowed me to be his mother. I love you so much Jackson Bailey happy birthday sweet boy!

This year you have overcome so much and I am so very proud of you. You had the world on your shoulders and yet you over come all the obstacles standing in your way. I remember when all you cared about was having some M&Ms and a bug juice and pretending to be all sorts of characters with props you put together in your bedroom.

Now you're into sports and video games. I fear that creativity will leave you some day but then I see you outside jumping on the trampoline pretending you're an astronaut and I know that your imagination will take you far some day. This year has been a struggle for both of us but you've grown up so much in this past year that its breath taking.

This year you've...
completed 1st grade
moved into a new home
gained a brother
played baseball for the first time
learned to tie your shoes
learned to swim
went through a divorce (sorry) but stayed strong for mom
transitioned from mom being a SAHM to a working mom
made new friends
grown about a foot lol
lost 2 teeth
and last but not least
made mommy very proud of the young man you're turning out to be. You're amazing son, don't ever forget that 



  1. aww happy birthday to your son! hope its a great day!

  2. Awe...happy birthday to your sweet baby boy!

  3. That brought tears to my eyes! My son is going to be 3 in September and I feel like it is all going way to fast! I can't imagine him being any different but they do change daily! Happy birthday to your baby boy!

  4. Aw, Happy Birthday to him! My daughter is 7 too. It's a fun age.

  5. Yay for Jackson for knowing how to tie his shoes!! I'm sure his teacher appreciates that! :) Hope that you had fun celebrating his birthday together.

  6. AW- Happy Birthday! May your dreams and imagination take you where ever you want to go.

  7. He is too cute! Happy Belated Birthday to your son!!


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