Happily Ever After...Divorce

Thursday, May 29, 2014

So I wrote about my story here and before I ended that post I said that wasn't the end. I thought I'd share the other half of my story today.

So I left off with getting a divorce it should be all happily ever after now right?! Wrong. When you have children with someone just because you're no longer married doesn't mean this person is out of your life. In fact, he will be in your life from now until forever. Most people say 18 but kids don't magically disappear at the age of 18 (hi mom!)

I found a job last year on Bailey's birthday, it was part time barely getting me by but thanks to my wonderful boyfriend we survived. I wasn't getting child support unless you call child support 30-40$ every 2 or three weeks then fine I got some child support. Sarcasm Font.

June of last year I went to DHR and started the process to put him on child support. It wasnt fair that me and Mike were doing so much work and he wasn't doing a damn thing other than getting a bunch of new tattoos and taking beach vacations pretty regularly. I can't even remember the last time I went to the beach *sighs*

When you're dealing with DHR aka any government agency be prepared to pretty much wait your whole life to see results. Seriously... its been a year and no results! However, they were sending him letters threatening to take away his license, tax refund, etc. So he started giving me 200$ a month in cash. Some is better than none, so I obliged. I also wrote him receipts each time to prove he was giving me the money. Things were going pretty smoothly until October.

I called him that morning, I wasn't feeling well and asked him to get the kids because I was sick. I needed him to take Bailey to baseball because I just couldn't deal and needed to rest. All was fine and we hung up. About 2 hours later he calls me back screaming in my ear about child support. Apparently the receipts I wrote him meant nothing to DHR and they suspended his license (oops?) I  hung up on him several times, and told him I wasn't going to talk to a screaming lunatic. He was cussing me and calling me names that no man should ever call a woman. I remember telling him that if he wanted to yell and fight with someone he could call my man because I wasn't going to be disrespected like that. That was a mistake! Mike was at work and I was just blowing smoke and with his history I shouldn't have done that. Thats when he said F yall I will shoot both of yall in the f'n face! He has a gun and has threatened me before so I told him I was sick of him threatening me and I was going to the police.

I got my baby out of bed and put him in the carseat and was literally buckling my seat belt when my maniac ex-husband slid into my driveway on 2 wheels. I panicked I rolled the windows up and locked my car doors. He was screaming at me to get out of my car. He was banging on my windows I was terrified. I called Mike and he told me to call the police and get out of there. Thats when my ex popped out a knife and started waving it at me. I felt the blood drain from my face. I literally felt like this would be the day he killed me.

My child was in the car, I had to protect him so I dialed 911 and hit my car in reverse nearly running the pycho-path over. The 911 operator told me to get to the police station if I could so that was my mission. Except by the time I got my car in drive my ex was in his truck right behind me. I remember cutting through my yard, hitting a ditch (and my head) and getting on the road. He sped past me and got in front of me sideways blocking me in. I'm screaming in the phone for someone to help me please God help me meanwhile they were trying to figure out my location. I backed up and turned down another road just trying to get out of my neighborhood, he blocked me again, but not enough I was able to get around him. We are now on this very curvy road, Im doing 80mph and hes right on my tail. I flying through stop signs and praying Im going to make it to the station. I'm screaming at the operator wanting to know where the hell are all the cops at!!?? All of a sudden he flies ahead of me comes to a dead stop. I slide as I slam on my brakes and Im panicked...what the hell am I going to do now as hes walking to my car. The operator says aim your car at him and floor it. So I did, I dont remember him jumping out of the way, I dont remember much of anything but the feeling of panic coursing through my body. As I am speeding through stop signs, God was watching over because I didnt come near any vehicles that day, the ex finally realized where I was going and turned off. The entire police station was waiting on me when I got there and quickly grabbed me and my baby and rushed me inside. I guess the ex figured out what I was doing and went home, and the cops didnt find him and since his home was out of city limits they couldn't go pick him up...WTF! He started calling me again and harassing me while I was at the police station. "I'm sorry Brittney, you're blowing this out of proportion don't do this to me" Are you fucking kidding me? That shit used to work on me but not that day. That day I thought my life was over, I thought my child would be seriously injured during our high speed chase.The cops finally got my phone and told him he was facing serious charges and he was about to get a few more if he didnt stop calling me.

I pressed charges that day for the very first time ever. I wanted him to be held responsible for his actions. I was done being a coward afraid of him getting in trouble enough was enough.

His girlfriend called me frantic saying that he was being a lunatic UM YOU THINK?! She was 5 months pregnant at the time and he jumped on her and her sister when he got home and was arrested later that night. Of course he bonded out in a few short hours and my next step was a restraining order.

To be continued.....


  1. holy shit....now that's a cliffhanger!
    Thank heavens you left when you did, and were strong enough to move forward stronger.

  2. This sounds so painful and brings me back to my place. I'm so sorry you experienced this. It is very difficult to move on from. You are very strong for sharing it all.

  3. I'm sorry to hear that you've to go through all this after the divorce. Looking forward to read your next update.


  4. Wow girl. Your story gives me chills. I can't even imagine the panic and fear you must have felt that day. I'm proud of you for pressing charges, taking control and standing up for yourself. You deserve so much better.

  5. Wow! That is all I can say. I pray this reaches others there are in those same situations and know that they too can get out before it's too late.

  6. Oh girl this is crazy! I am so glad you and your baby are ok. As a lawyer I dont take these things lightly at all. I get really serious about these things! Good for you for leaving and good for you for taking out a restraining order.

  7. That is so freakin scary. My mom was in a similar situation when I was 5 and I remember... well, too much. You definitely did the right thing calling 911 and practically running him over- not sure I would have been as strong or brave! Sounds like you really need that restraining order too!

  8. Wow.. that would've been terrifying. I'm sorry this all happened to you but I am curious to read more.

  9. I'm so sorry you had to go through this. When I was a kid, we went through something similar with my mom's second husband. It was definitely a nightmare.

  10. Girl I had chills all over reading this!! So glad you're ok now!

  11. Gosh! He is CRAZY!! Thank God you got away safely and did what you had to do! I can't wait to read the next part of your story! :-)

  12. Omg my heart was racing reading this!!

  13. I'm at a loss for words. :[ I'm so glad that you're okay and no longer in that situation!


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