Im the kind of girl....

Thursday, May 8, 2014

So my lady friend that visits once a month decided to visit me today "hey at least you're not pregnant" UGH so I feel like I have tiny ninjas in my lower stomach and I need chocolate and a nap so enjoy some random shiz about me!
I'm the kind of girl who would rather snuggle on the couch and watch tv then go out and party #lame

I'm the kind of girl that will fall asleep 15 minutes into that movie we decided to stay home and watch #doublelame

I'm the kind of girl that gets embarrassed easily, and being embarrassed will make me cry, and crying embarrasses me.. got all that?

I'm the kind of girl that will eat peanut butter out of the jar with a spoon in the middle of the night.

I'm the kind of girl that will be there for you #rideordie until you cross me then prepare to meet satan.

I'm the kind of girl who takes things way too seriously. Don't joke on me I will legit be ready to punch you in the face.

I'm the kind of girl that takes naps pretty much at any available opportunity

Im the kind of girl that doesn't have any girlfriends well because drama sucks
Or this. I could date myself so hard! I'd be like hey girl lets go to Starbucks and get a mocha frap then stay home and binge watch netflix TV series all night. Hello best date ever!

Im the kind of girl that truly enjoys running. I mean I hate it when I first start but then Im like SILENCE YES! #momofthreeboys
Im the kind of girl that likes hashtags for no apparent reason .... bitch this ain't twitter!
Im the kind of girl that literally gets in a murderous rage while driving home at 5:00. Seriously Im even ashamed of the words that come out of my mouth when Im driving home.
hmmm maybe I should blog the thoughts on my daily commute home... it would be rated R!

Im the kind of girl that feels really socially awkward, I feel like everyone is judging me (maybe because Im always comparing myself to other people GIRL STOP!)

So now you know Im pretty freaking awkward in real life but hey Im being honest here and Im PMS'n which means Im telling you about everything negative right now...



  1. I completely feel you! I have five brothers growing up so it took me until college to figure out how to communicate with women. I used to make them angry on the regular. I'm better now and have friends but still get confused when they get mad at me... I'm kind of strange anyway. Let's make some chocolate covered fried chicken!!

  2. This post made me laugh. If I were to post my 5p commute thoughts and choice words that come out of my mouth it too would be R rated. I need a telaporter to get me from point A to point B.

  3. My ride or die girls, I've never had any drama with in the 20+ years we've been friends. Any friend who does court drama, well, we're not friends any more. I think men have drama too, so it's really about the person!

    I'd rather stay home than go out any day of the week.

  4. Hive five for spoons in the PB jars ;) Nutella for me too!

  5. YES to naps!!!!!! Bahahahahah @ "tiny ninjas"

  6. Oh, I have total road rage too. I curse a lot.

  7. haha I love this post. I am #lame too. I've gotten used to spending movie night on the couch asleep instead of going out, haha. Oh and I like hashtags. They just make things funnier and I don't know why

  8. We're home bodies too! There's nothing wrong with that! :)

    M + K

  9. I think we might be long lost twins, about 6 years apart. ;-)

  10. this post is awesome! I would so rather stay home in my comfies and watch question..and I totally like to be by myself watching episode after episode of a series....In fact I wish I was doing that tonight! haha..."I could date myself so hard"...I always say I'd totally be my friend if I wasn't not being self centered...I just think I'd wanna be my pal :)


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