Bye Bye Social Media....

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

    So I was sitting at work today and my phone started ringing, I immediately hit ignore and went back to doing what I was doing. Which was searching for a file folder of a loan that closed in 2010...dude I looked through every file box in this office and Im so counting that as a workout. Any-offsubject-way when I finally sat back down at my desk I checked my voicemail. I usually NEVER check my voicemail but since the upcoming bad weather and all the kids' schools and afterschool coaches are calling me for cancellations or early dismissals I checked it. Much to my surprise it was a local board of education rep. I HAVE A TEACHING INTERVIEW MONDAY! I am so so excited. I graduated college last May and was unable to find a job.

   It is my dream to be back in the classroom. So I thought long and hard about it. I have to be serious about this and really think how my personal life can interfere potentially with my career. No one wants a teacher who looks like shes drunk and partying all the time (for the record I'm not, I just had a great time last weekend and there are plenty of pictures to prove it). I could have just set all my pictures to private and my page is already private but I really just want to be off the grid in hopes that I can land this job.

   I still have my twitter and since I just started this blog Im pretty sure it is undetectable so I am keeping it. (I have to have something to do during the day when I am at work right?) I have only had one previous teaching interview and I studied for that interview like crazy. Yes I googled every possible teacher interview question and I had a sure answer for all of them. I went into the interview and had an answer for everything but I was extremely nervous and it showed. This is a special education position and although I completed my course work in college for Special Ed (I have a collaborative degree) I still don't feel like I really know everything there is to know about it like IEPS, LREs, and all that jazz.  I wrote one IEP the entire time I was in college, and when I was doing my internship my teacher never included me in hers. I really want this job and I really want to be teaching again. I just dont know how to prepare for the interview because I do have a lack of experience in this area. I have subbed and completed observation hours but the amount of time I actually spent in a special education classroom was very limited.

   Anyway, back to my point. I said goodbye to social media for a while anyway. Have you seen how many teachers get in a world of trouble because of their facebook pages? I definitely don't want that. Also what you see is not always what you get. Judging by my pictures this weekend, for example, I looked belligerently drunk. The truth? I drank water all night. I think a lot of the times when teachers get in trouble its more of a misunderstanding than anything unless their sleeping with their students and in that case should be reprimanded EW! Eventually I will reactivate it but I will never add parents to my page. I think my personal life should be separate. Just because I enjoy a glass of wine every now and then doesnt change my ability to teach or if I go to the pub to shoot pool that doesnt change it either. I imagine trying to maintain a spotless rep as a teacher is pretty tough.

  So are any of you teachers out there? And advice for my interview or tips?


  1. ohh yeaaaaa congrats!! Good luck! your gonna do great!!! Both of my cousins are teachers and they don't do social media for that same reason. Its just best.

  2. I hate interviews and I am glad that as of today I still have a job lol. Good luck and I have to wonder what people will think when and if I have to find a new job when they find my blog and what not!

  3. Congrats on the interview! How exciting! I'm definitely the same way when it comes to interviews, I google as possible questions and practice answering them. Best of luck, I know you will do great!

    And I get what you mean about social media getting you into trouble, and I think its great that you are saying bye to it. I unfortunately don't think I could live without social media, its how I connect and keep up with everyone that lives far away from me. But I'm smart and I don't post any crazy photos of myself.

  4. Good luck on your interview! I always get so nervous. Just gotta remember though: everyone's interviewed at some time or another in their life and felt the same way. :)

  5. I'm a school social worker and most of my friends are teachers and we all have FB, Pinterest, IG, and other accounts. I didn't have any trouble getting my job(s) with my social media accounts, but I did/do have my FB set to super, duper private. Especially for all my drunk sorority girl pictures.

  6. I worry about my blog and my work! I try not to, but ya know ... Good luck on your interview!

  7. I completely understand your struggles! I also graduated last August with my teaching license and there are NO freaking jobs!! Also, I get so paranoid about social media and teaching...I'm scared to even blog because the stupidest things tend to get people in trouble! My sis's co-worker got reprimanded by her principal for posting pictures of her tasting wine on her Facebook. Seriously!?! Best of luck to you on your interview!!


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