Confirm or Deny that is the question...

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

If you're new here you can read this post and this post to really understand the craziness of everything thats happened over the last year. However who has time to read 2 posts then read another one to catch up #aintnobodygottimeforthat so long story short, my ex and I have been anything but civil, in and out of court, and his girlfriend and I haven't had the best encounters either.

However, over the past 2 months things have calmed down and we're all being civil towards one another and we communicate through facebook messages because it just makes it easier on all of us. Its easier to sit and think about what youre going to say whereas in person or on the phone it could get heated quickly and turn into an argument.

Ive been letting my boys go over there pretty frequently and of course when they are over there I communicate with the girlfriend through facebook to check on my boys. We are friendly and civil. All is good. Im happy with that, where as it wasnt even close a few months back.

This weekend I received a notification and it was her wanting to add me as a friend on facebook. That I had to think about. It is one thing to be nice and civil and friendly for the kids. However, it is quite another to basically invite someone in to your personal life on a daily basis. I dont want any more drama but I feel like no matter what there will be a little. "ugh look what shes doing when she doesnt have the kids, look what she said, etc" or "why wont she add me on facebook, what is she hiding, etc"See what I'm saying?!

I feel its best to continue the path that we're on. Keeping it simple and civil but that is it. We were friends before on facebook and it didn't end well. Isn't Facebook high school all over again?! I don't feel the need to know what they're doing in their household or when they dont have my children, and vice versa we live separate lives now and there is certainly no need to add any misunderstandings or drama to the mix.

I have every intention of being friendly with her and civil but at this time I don't feel it is necessary for us to be facebook friends. They want pics of the boys take some want to know what they're doing give them a call. I can think of no valid reason why we should share our personal lives with one another.

What do you think would you confirm or deny?


  1. nope dont do don't want to go down that road again. continue on the path your on...its for the best

  2. I would wait. If you're that uncomfortable (which I don't blame you), there is no reason to be in each personal life seeing what each other posts. That could definitely cause drama. You're doing the right thing by being cordial and civil. I would not go beyond that.

  3. I probably wouldn't accept the friend request. Just keep things as they are, since things are going well.

  4. I wouldn't do it. You can be friendly without being friends.

  5. Deny, deny, deny! It's a bit awkward to have to say no but you sound like you don't need any extra drama in the mix and that is all you would be adding.

  6. Agreed! I am not friends with my ex husband or any of his many gf's. It spells disaster.


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