20X31 Final update & goals

Monday, June 2, 2014

The fabulous ladies at JVKom Chronicles, 24 to 30, Optimistic Health, and Running Smiles put together this fabulous challenge where you have to move your body any way you want for 20 minutes (or more) every day for the month of May.

Wow May flew by did it not?

Im so thankful I took on this challenge with all these lovely ladies they were all so inspiring throughout this month :)

So last week my back decided to be a bitch and that made it hard for me to give this challenge all I wanted and then well if Im being honest I got lazy.

I swam last Sunday, walk/ran on Thursday for 21 minutes, cleaned the house and new boat Friday, and swam again on Saturday. Sunday the very last day of the challenge I watched Scandal all freaking day long (seriously where have I been this show is awesome).

However.... for the entire month of May I completed 809 minutes of exercise which in my book is pretty freaking awesome.

My back is back to normal and I took on a new challenge for June #1000in30 with Living in Yellow

Now let me recap my May goals....
1. Drink at least 64 ounces of water everyday FAIL!
2. Complete the 20X31 challenge Completed not as strong as I wanted but I did it.
3. Weigh myself only once a week (I have a bad habit of doing it daily) Only weighed myself once a week...I had to hide the scale LOL
4. Lose 3 lbs Happy dance <3
5.Spend more time outside with the boys We rode bikes, went for walks, played ball, etc.

6. Do crossfit abs at least every other day I did some sort of abs at least every other day.. that counts right?!

I will do my June goals tomorrow...I have a pile of work on my desk and I better get started so I dont lose my job ;)


  1. I am so proud of you Brittney! You completely rocked this challenge. I know your back had you down a bit but you still prevailed. And that's what it is all about it. I think you can tell a lot about a person from how the recover. And I'm not just talking about fitness ;) I hope you keep rocking your fitness goals and every aspect of your life! So happy we have connected this month. I will continue to follow your journey!

  2. You've got to tell me about your new challenge chica! Also just in case you did not get my reply on your comment my bday is June 14th. I know our comments to each other don't always post correctly.

  3. I didn't even count how many minutes I exercised/moved. Congrats on the completion. I am glad your back is feeling better. I hate being down in the back. I weigh myself almost everyday. Once I get to my goal weight I know that I will slow down to one a week I just want to know everything that I am or am not on track. So far the last two weeks I have NOT been on track. Dam Memorial Day and adult beverages for throwing me off.

  4. Look at you hitting some goals girl! Get it!!!!!

    I freaking love Scandal and I don't know how I can wait until next season?!?!

  5. Congrats, Brittney! It was great getting to follow you and your progress on this challenge! :]

    (I am with you on the water fail. I never drink enough water. :'( )

  6. way to go lady! i think you did awesome, and you did way more than me ;) boo to your back being a bitch, hope its all better now! ive been suffering from the lazy, lol

  7. Congrats congrats congrats! You did a great job and I am curious about this next challenge. I need to look it up... or maybe wait for a July challenge since I'm late. LOL. Do my own personal challenge in June. I hope to stay in touch - I've had so much fun watching everyone's progress.

    Kudos and so glad your back is normal again! Woot Woot!

  8. sounds like you made some pretty awesome progress in may. great work!

  9. Congrats on winning the fitness challenge! It's been so inspiring to read everyone's story via this link up. (I never drink enough water either. Me + hydration= sucks).

  10. Glad you've made such awesome progress! I'm actually proud of the progess I've made in such a short amount of time. It's always great when you're body is feeling good!

  11. Thank you so much for doing the challenge with us! You rocked it! I understand watching Scandal all day long...haha! Thanks again.


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