You know you're in Alabama if...

Monday, June 9, 2014

So the other morning I posted this facebook status.

 I'm sitting here wondering why my eggs are taking so long...Duh Brittney it might help if you turn the eye on! Lol is it Friday yet?

And someone said EYE.. what are you cooking on so I edited my status to burner because Im not really sure what it's called and then my boyfriend and I had fun with it....

 I guess we say a lot of things differently than people in other parts of the country so just in case you ever visit the 'great' state of Alabama here are some things you'll need to know.

If you order tea its going to be sweet and iced and maybe even in a mason jar. You have to specify if you want unsweet tea but we don't want to hear that noise.. the sweeter the better.

If you are wanting a carbonated beverage you'll probably here someone say I want a coke and then you'll here what kind? Yes a coke means any sort of soda you must then specify if you want Dr. pepper, Pepsi, coca cola, etc.

Y'all is a few people All Y'all is  a lot of people.

If you go to the grocery store you're going to see people pushing buggies none of that cart mess.

Often times we are fixin' to go somewhere... we're not actually fixing anything we're just fixna go! 

The Alabama/ Auburn game might as well be a holiday.

You may be late going somewhere because chances are you're going to get stuck behind a tractor.

You might see dogs in a bar.. or a baby no Im not quoting Sweet Home Alabama I really saw this.

A wash cloth is a rag... you have cleaning rags and bathing rags... of course I only use a loofa but to each their own.

You'll know where slapout alabama is and you'll know there is a boys store and a girls store (shout out to American Idol fans because you probably actually do know where this is now)

Mountain dew... apparently will tickle your innards... I dont say stuff like this but in Slapout Alabama thats how they're advertising it.

The alabama national fair in Chisolm is better than 6 flags.

Houndstooth is a color and you will probably see baby nurseries decorated with it.

We can make any occasion a party..
Yep this is the cookie cake I got my brother when he got a divorce, his birthday was the same week, and he got a promotion.. BBQ promptly after.

You might have to stop in the middle of the road because of a loose cow or happens.

Usetacould Is a word... which means In the past I was able to do something but Im not so sure that I can presently.

Contrary to belief though most of us dont date our relatives, everyone I know has all their teeth, and unless you live far out in the country we wear shoes and regular clothes. That may or may not be a lie since Im sitting 'indian style' in my office chair barefoot.

Have a great day y'all!!!!


  1. I had no idea a burner was called an eye. Most of the stuff I have heard of but only when I moved to KY from CO. When I lived in Colorado the only thing I knew of KY was that they mad some great fried chicken lol.

  2. Never been but its always so cool to read about the quirks of other places. Love the 'fixna go' and where Im from people often have bath rags (wash rags we call it).

  3. Totally relate to the loose cow or horse. Actually a friend of mine hit a cow with her suburban back in high was the talk of the school for a week.....seriously.

  4. I've never heard of it being an eye! Coke, buggies, all y'all, fixin' to -- all yes. Usetacould is something I probably only say if I'm visiting relatives in South GA. :)

  5. Haha I grew up in Southern GA so most of these apply as well. My family has since moved and I haven't been back in a while. This post made me miss my childhood, I needed that :)

  6. Usetacould is a word in Utah, too. Threw me off the first few times I heard it, and then I found myself saying it and almost choked.

  7. haha this is awesome. and who doesn't order thier tea seet?

  8. I say y'all and coke all the time.... and then they say "is pepsi ok?" Yeah that's fine I didn't really want coca cola... lol my aunt is from Georgia and she says "pop"... it makes me want to pop her.

  9. Usedtacould! Ahhh.

    I've only been in Alabama once.

  10. haha It's all so true! Love it and our great state!

  11. Ah yes, this is all stuff I had to learn when I moved to "Bama! I consider houndstooth a neutral now, just like leopard. :)

  12. Lol! I love the differences. I have a friend on Illinois who always teases me for saying I'm having dinner versus supper! Every time I go to order tea I always have to ask for it sweetened I wish that wasn't the case I'm all about sweet tea!! Loved this post.

  13. Hahahah... I have a couple friends from GA who were telling me about the "Coke" thing before!

  14. Awesome.

    And I LOVE sweet tea. If someone handed me unsweet, I'd be all, "What's this garbage?"

  15. Mercedes I live in Illinois and my husband and I argue all the time. I was raised calling it supper and the hubs was raised calling it dinner. I always think he is talking about lunch..... now I am confused. Brittany I loved this. The more cavities my tea can give me the better it tastes.


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