What is your WHY?

Friday, June 27, 2014

JVKom Chronicles

1. Have you ever taken a fitness class?
Yes when I first started out I was taking a box mania class twice a week. My cousin is the instructor so she was allowing me to come for free. It was such an experience and I wish I could go now...shes made it big time so no more freebies LOL

I was feeling like a bad ass LOL

2. Why do you workout?
A good friend of mine once told me before you even start you need to figure out your why. Why do you want this? A lot of the time my whys were so wrong... I wanted it because I want to wear cute clothes, I wanted it so my husband would stop cheating, I wanted it to look like my friends. Those were all reasons to start but they were never reasons to finished. I would balloon up then get really skinny and back and forth. Want to know why? Because I wasn't doing it for me. When I began this journey two years ago I decided that I wanted to get healthier FOR ME, for my self esteem, my confidence, my own well being. I have successfully kept it up for two whole years and it's because my WHY changed. Its nice to have something you're reaching for such as cute clothes, a better relationship, etc. but until you truly with all of your heart make the decision to change for YOU then it may only be a temporary thing. I now look at this as my lifestyle, when I don't workout I feel awful and like I've let myself down.

3. What is your biggest motivator?
How far I've come is a huge motivator for me, I never ever want to be as unhealthy as I was before. I was lethargic and just blah. The energy I have now and the way I feel helps me keep going and if I ever feel like giving up I let my past motivate me :)

4. Where do you draw your inspiration from?
Myself. Again I'm not being vain but I have to keep my focus on me. However, I get inspired to push myself further when I see the crossfit people running through my neighborhood, I get inspired to go a little longer when I've read so many of your amazing blogs, Im inspired by support and Im inspired by my children...they love it when I play with them and seeing their little eyes light up ignites a fire under my butt and pushes me forward.

5. Do you have routine physicals? (it’s very important to check your health)
Honestly, I don't. I don't even have health insurance *gasp* I know bad Brittney. My job doesnt offer it and I can't afford individual care and I don't qualify for Obama care whatever the hell that is.

Im linking up with JEN (shes my blog crush lol) for Fitness Friday, but I want to know..what is your why?


  1. Keep on doing it. I just keep failing. Did I mention how tired I am? lol

    1. I know girl but push that out of your mind and make it part of your day just like breakfast or lunch soon it will become routine and not a hassle! Text me we can keep each other accountable.

  2. B,
    I was nominated for a liebster award! In return, I'm nominating you! Click the link for all of the rules, can't wait!


  3. I don't have routine physicals either. I should probably do that..

  4. I am so with you, your why is the biggest factor on being successful and sticking with the lifestyle change. When the reasons why changed for me, my whole outlook about it changed and it is when I started sticking to my work outs and not missing them no matter what!

    Have a great weekend!

  5. Never going back to the way I looked before is a big motivator for me too.

  6. Such a good perspective on why to be motivated for fitness. I really wish I had that kind of drive. Hopefully someday soon.Thanks for being an inspiration!

  7. thats awesome that you did this for yourself and you keep at it! way to go girly :)

  8. Loved your answers! I def get inspiration from myself and blogs as well :)

    XO AJ
    TheAJMinute | Twitter | Instagram | Bloglovin

  9. I have been back on the workout train for a while now and I just feel so much better!! How is your quitting smoking going? I quit a year ago and it was really hard but I feel so much better. I blogged about my one year no smoking anniversary back in May! You can do it!!!

  10. Hooray for drawing inspiration from yourself! That's not being vain at all! :]

    The box mania classes sound like a lot of fun! I really, really miss group fitness classes. I'm hoping I'll get to take some again in the future.

  11. You amaze me more all the time!! Your WHY is spot on. Again I am so proud of you!! You have such a wise soul!

  12. Go you. I was (and still am) unhealthy and trying to fix that bit by bit! Love these fitness motivations!

  13. never been to a fitness class. Although if I had the money and lots of it I'd have a damn trainer for sure and a nutritionist


  14. YES! I needed this! Now to come up with my list of "why's" and put it up on my wall as a daily reminder!

  15. I love how you are your biggest motivator when it comes to how far you have come! It is crazy how you look back to when you felt you could not do something and then you do it and you never want to go back! Love you blog btw!


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