June Goals

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Im late to the party since its now the 3rd but whatever I'm a rebel... yeah just think that if you want ;)

I did farely well on my May goals and I hope to do even better with June YAY for Summer time!

So we bought a boat last week and I will have to blog about that later this week because it ended up being a total disaster so my dreams of being on the lake every weekend maybe just that... a dream :(

1. Get a tan even if its in my backyard because of said stupid boat!

2. Lose 3 more lbs

3. Complete the #1000in30 challenge visit Living in Yellow for more info or fill out this form to take on the challenge with me.

4. Take my boys camping.

5. Read a book.

6. Go one day completely unplugged.

7. Take a day and pamper myself

Thats it for now... what are your goals?


  1. oh no boo to the boat! yay for pampering yourself :)

  2. Go one day unplugged and pamper day sounds perfect!

  3. Oh no! I got so excited when you said you bought a boat and then womp womp :(. Hope it turns out better. Ansd yay for pampering yourself!

  4. I need a tan, too. I got sprayed the other day and LOVED not being ghostly for a bit!

  5. the pampering yourself? I SUPPORT THAT. i'm going for a facial and lunch with friends on saturday and i can't wait!!!

    Vodka and Soda

  6. That stinks about the boat!! I hope it works out.

    I need some pampering this month. I also need a tan, but it will be out of a bottle. Annnnd I need to loose l-b-s...more than 3. haha

    I have really gotten back into reading. I seem to be doing about a book every two weeks. I love escaping to another world!

  7. I signed up for the 1000 in 30. I figured if I could to 850 in one month then I can do 1000. I have been considering unplugging on weekends. I normally do some fb'ing, ig'ing all weekend and then add blogging on Sundays but I have been thinking of putting it all down and enjoying every second of the weekend with my family... and use an actual camera.

  8. You should link these up to my monthly goal linky. Great goals!


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