Fitness 5 on Friday

Friday, June 6, 2014

JVKom Chronicles

Yall I love Jen like seriously love her! She is so inspiring and encouraging. Last month she hosted the #20x31 challenge and it really motivated me to get out my funk that Ive been in since Winter hit.

She now has a Friday Link up Fitness 5 to try and keep us motivated to really look at what we're doing each week. So without further ado (spelling?)

1. How many minutes of Cardio did you do this week? (anything that got your heart pumping counts!)

Monday Hip Hop Abs 45 Mins
Tues-Thurs Couch to 5k 30 mins each
Friday Hip Hop Abs 45 minutes.
Im hoping to do some sort of workout on Sat & Sun too..Idk what yet though! Total M-F 180!! So far my #1000in30 challenge is going well, but I know Im going to have to step it up!

2. What is your favorite physical activity?

Running. I absolutely love it (love to hate it). When I first get going I hate it but at about 20 minutes in I feel strong and confident and I feel like I can go further and further. It allows me to free my mind and its so theraputic if Im having a bad day I run it out and it always lets me come back clear headed :)

3. How much water do you drink on a daily basis?

I do horribly with hydration. Its not just water, I dont drink anything. Yesterday I drank half a bottle of water all day long and a few sips of tea with my dinner. I've got to work on this!

4. What is your favorite healthy snack?
Blueberries and peanut butter... I know that sounds weird but OMG I love it...I may or may not have a jar of PB stashed in my work desk right now hehe

5. What’s your favorite athletic shoe?
My running shoes came from Walmart and they SUCK! I need suggestions...I have to get some new shoes like yesterday!


  1. I probably only had a half bottle yesterday too. I suck. Yes, you definitely need shoes! They don't have to be fancy but they need to be supportive. I always check the outlets or Marshall's. Thanks for all the love! The feeling is mutual :)

  2. The blueberries + peanut butter sounds good! I made a peanut butter sriracha (...the internet told me it was a good idea) sandwich today and it went together a lot better than I thought it would.

    I think a recurring theme among all of us is that none of us drink enough of any kind of liquid. We need to get on that. :'(

  3. Blueberries and peanut butter? That might be the weirdest combo I have ever heard of. What made you even try it? lol!

    I hate running. I really want to like it...but I just dont think running and I will ever be friends.

  4. You are very committed to your workouts and I was wondering if you wouldn't mind just sending the workouts to my body. Please? lol...I have been a slacker lately... after my birthday. That is my promise! Don't let me forget! :)

  5. You sound like my cousin and gma about the drinking deal. that's all i do is drink. Need to drink more water. gonna try the fruit in the water and see if i can drink more this way. we shall see.

  6. Girl I need new shoes too. Mine are at least 10 years old and use to feel like I was only wearing socks but now they are old and give me a burn when I wear them to walk, which is why I don't wear shes when I do my house exercises.

  7. What a great link up idea to keep girls motivated ;) Love it. I keep a jar of PB in my desk, I love it!

  8. I'll just eat peanut butter by the spoonful.

  9. I am SO jealous of your Hip Hop Ab class! I may have to try the blueberries & pb

  10. ASICS girl; get some ASICS. best shoe ever!!

  11. I love new balance sneakers. Peanut butter should be enjoyed at every meal it is so good.

  12. I think everyone on this link up so far has been bad at drinking water! I guess we can all keep each other motivated for that one haha. As for running shoes, you should get fitted at a running store to see how you run (Fit 2 Run and New Balance offer free fittings) but assuming you're on a budget like many of us buying running gear, Saucony offers great options and can be found at discount stores (like Rack Room) for about $50.

  13. My husband does the same with hydrating... I don't know how he survives not drinking that much!! :)

  14. i'm usually good with drinking water, but i've been slacking lately. i need to get better at it. for new shoes, check out any outlets you might have near you. our nike outlet has some awesome shoes for way cheaper!

  15. I'm terrible at drinking water I'm such a tea addict! I'm so working on trying to drink water more though. And as for running I totally relate that it takes about five minutes of getting into before it's like "Yea this is amazing! Go me!"


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