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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Sorry for being MIA the last few days. I appreciate all of your sweet and supportive comments. I am in a much better place today! You guys rock!

So as I was blog stalking reading last week I came across Allie & Juliette's posts about quirks they have and well I'm feeling unoriginal so I think I'll share some of my quirks with you guys as well.
Yeah because being weird is a lifestyle choice? Whatever I like Gifs and I included it LOL

>> I've mentioned this before but I pick my eyebrows. Its something I do so often I don't even realize I'm doing it. If I start reading I swear my hand automatically goes to my face. Its a terrible habit.

>> I absolutely will not drink after someone. I grew up with 5 brothers and sisters and we were poor or my mom was too lazy to do the dishes Idk but we had to share a drink or whatever. F that noise because ew!

>> I can't walk in a straight I'm not drunk I just tend to walk sideways, seriously don't walk beside me on a sidewalk next to a busy street.

>> I say I'm sorry a lot, even if I'm not sorry or I haven't done anything wrong. It's an annoying habit. Umm Sorry? LOL

>> If pre ketchup 'kum' gets on my food I won't eat it.

>> I ride in the same lane all the way to work because the interstate freaks me out.

>> I can't paint my nails because I always pick the polish off.

>> I make conversation faces in the mirror to see what I look like when I'm talking. #isthatweird

>> I turn down the radio when I'm looking for a street.

>> I've been with my man for a year and a half and I still won't use the bathroom if he's home, but I will out man belch him everyday.

>> I always, for as long as I can remember, have worn my sunglasses on top of my head. Like a damn headband or something. I wear them at work, at the club, if it's raining. They're always there. One time an old boss bought me a whole bunch of headbands but I was like thanks, but no thanks. Sunglasses forever!

I have a huge lady crush on Emma Stone, if you haven't noticed!

>> I have to eat my lunch at 12:00 on the dot. I dont know why but I am insanely OCD about it. If it's 11:55 and I want to chew my arm off because Ive been up since 4 and I'm starving.. I will still wait those 5 extra minutes.

So now you know lots of things that make you never want to hang out with me that make me, me. What are some quirky things you do?


  1. LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOO can I just say I love you already????

    Don't forget the mustard kum as well. Hell no. Gaaaaaaarosssssssssssss!

    On a serious note... stop picking your eyebrows. I mean it. Have you thought about going to a dr. to get that taken care of? It's called trichotillomania... and that shit ain't no fun. Aunie Sauce suffers from that. LOOK INTO IT! PROMISE ME!

  2. pre-ketchup cum! haha!

  3. I'm glad I dont do that about the bathroom deal despite how things are. but once you're fully comfortable things like that will happen.

  4. I will only drink after someone if we're super close and I'm having a taste of your yummy drink that you've only taken a few sips of yourself. If you've had plenty of time to backwash, nope nope nope.

  5. Love this.. I can't eat at 11:55 either. It had to be noon before I even touch my lunch bag. We are weird together. And Pre-Ketsup- Never heard of it but I am dying. I can drink after some people I know but there is one person I refuse to, can't, positively won't drink after and that is my brother Eric. He use to eat the most nastiest things in the world and I know the girls he has been with... I will NOT do it- CAN'T! If he grabs my drink and drinks out of it I will either give it to him or throw it out.

  6. I say I am sorry ALL the time. My husband always says stop saying you're sorry and I follow up with.......I'm sorry. I can't help it. I am sorry I am empathetic. Sorry I said sorry again.

    Ketchup kum? Ew. LOL I hate that shit.

    I try to hold off until about 1215 if I brought my lunch to work. It breaks up my day better.

  7. I say sorry way too often too, and I turn the radio down when looking for a street. I just can't stand someone being mad or concentrate with the radio up loud! And you'll need to get over that bathroom thing sooner than later - how can you hold it that long???

  8. hahahaha ketchup precum OMFG i hate that too. it's so gross !!

    Vodka and Soda

  9. haha I say sorry a lot as well and Im laughing at the eyebrow picking. I feel like that deserves its own post :p

  10. I have seen those 25 things about me posts so many times but I certainly love your post about Quirks. I may just have to steal this one from you and do my own for sure. Highfive for being unoriginal.

  11. I totally do the conversation face thing too. I thought I was the only one!


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