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Thursday, June 5, 2014

I am 27 years old and I honestly can't remember the last time I had real girlfriends. I want to say it was sometime in 2005/2006. Obviously we graduated and had babies while some decided to go the other route and party it up while they could. However, a lot of my friends (including myself) got married and had babies in our early 20's. Since then I have had the hardest time making friends and I cannot figure out why. I mean I'm pretty nice and I like to have a good time.

So I decided to dig deep because I mean hello I'm reading about girls nights and Im sitting here like wait what? Whats a girls night?! A girls night for me consisted of babysitting my friend's daughter and watching frozen and painting our fingernails. I mean that was awesome too but I want to go out and share secrets, have someone to talk on the phone with, and to share a glass of wine with too!

The result of my soul searching.... Bitch face. Im just not approachable because I literally look like I am going to murder someone at any given moment. As I stated before my girlfriends and I parted years ago so I had to rely on comments from Mikes friends that Ive heard since we've been dating.

Friend #1: I quit coming around here for a few weeks because when I first met you I thought you wanted to claw my eyes out.

Friend #2:  Whats wrong with you? "nothing" well umm you look like your pissed off.

Bouncer at bar: Ma'am is something wrong? "No"Are you sure? Because you look like you're about to start a bar fight. Umm what!! 

Friend #3 Im sorry I came over unannounced please stop being mad.

Friend #4 Shakes my shoulders cheer up girl lets party

I wasn't unhappy in any of the scenarios above and I definitely didn't want to murder his friend. Its just whenever I don't have a fake plastered smile on my face people think Im mean, bitchy, catty, or depressed or a combination of all of those things.

How the hell am I going to find a bestie with CBF? I mean I can't over exaggerate my great qualities and look like a complete pyscho... I mean can you picture me just absurdly screaming out my best qualities to a complete stranger?! Ha I can the mental picture is hilarious #isthatweird

Things that make me best friend material that you dont know because I suffer from CBF
1. Pizza is acceptable at any time. Bonus points for cold pizza for breakfast
2. I can keep secrets.
3. Im not picky, like Id totally let you pick the place we go for GNO
4. I like random dance parties
5. All things wine
6. I eat. Yes I diet, yes I do cardio, but when Im out with friends I eat. So no feeling guilty about your ginormous hamburger bc girl Im gonna have one too!
7. I can put my phone down and have an actual conversation.
8. I like to talk 
9. Im a ride or die... Im the most loyal bitch you'll ever meet.
10. Ill eat that pint of icecream with you after a breakup...promise not to judge.
11.Im down for a night in of netflix binging and junk food
12. Ill hold back your hair if you vomit (I have kids nothing grosses me out)
13. I enjoy spa days (even though ive never had a full spa day just a mani pedi day but Im gonna go ahead and say Id enjoy them.)
14. I love children.
15. I dont lie cheat or steal, and Im generally a positive happy person even if my face doesnt look that way.

Wanna be BFFers!



  1. Dont feel bad. I have no friends either LOL!

    But my little secret???? I like it that way. Less drama ya know!

    But I will be your friend :)

  2. Of course I want to be BFF's. We just have to rearrange the states a bit so that we live closer to one another. Geography is really messing with our lives here and I don't know if I can take it much longer!

  3. I would most definitely want to be your BFF. You sound like the most awesome one out there :) Don't worry I apparently have only two faces: chat friendly face (CFF) or chronic bitch face (CBF). My CFF only comes out during the day when I'm by myself. Otherwise, I'm in CBF mood apparently.

  4. I have no friends, either LMAO.. except I always feel the opposite way, like I find the other ladies at work crazy or not my bff type. I believe you can overcome your CBF!! Just put on a perpetually creepy smile and see if that helps haha.

  5. I have CBF too. And it gets worse when I'm in groups because of my anxiety so people just think I hate them for a long time.

  6. I will be your BFF. I have none either for the same reason CBF. I had a guy tell me, years after we were out of hs, that he thought I was generous and wanted to date me in hs but I looked like a bitch and therefore he never approached me, he was afraid I was going to bite his head off and reject him. Funny because I had a crush on him all through hs. EFF my CBF. We can be unapproachable together.

  7. Yes let's be friends. I've been told by numerous friends throughout my life that when they first met me they though ti was a stuck-up bitch and I'm all like "whaaaa? But I'm so nice!" lol...They eventually come around to the fact that my face just looks like it hates you unless I try otherwise haha

  8. Uhm, we can totally be besties. I've never had a full spa day either, but I'm going to agree that I'd probably enjoy them too.

  9. Dude, it's hard to make friends as you get older. But also there are some peeps that your friendship will grow with you as you do and other people are sometimes just meant to pass through our lives. Maybe you're just in the midst of transition...I have 3 or 4 pretty solid homegirls from my College Days. In my thirties, I've made less friends but I'm also more picky at this point. Just do what you love and ever so often try to smile ;) HAHA I love the resting bitchface though...seriously you're not the only one.

  10. I have friends but we talk or text daily or every other day. We live in different towns. Girls sometimes dont make such good friends. Guys make better friends which is why I have my sweetie. :D

    But if you need a friend I'm here. A spa day sounds great. :p

  11. Sometimes girls aren't the best of friends which is why I dont have many. But, those that I do have we dont see each other and we text and talk daily or every other day or week. Sad but true.

    If you need a friend I'd love to be an online friend with you girl. and a spa day sounds great. LOL

    meet you at the spa in 30 :p

  12. I'd be friends with you!

    My husband has a bitch resting face. Everyone is constantly asking him what's wrong. He's all, "Nothing."

  13. it is so hard making friends as you get older. honestly, i have 2 real best friends, and a couple of 'friends' that i see every now and again but like Natalie said, too much drama and not really worth it. Oh and I absolutely have bitchy resting face too haha!

  14. I only have a few close friends and that's ok. I enjoy pizza, Netflix, and getting my toes done so I'm sure could be bffs!

  15. i wanna be bffs!! haha i'm a designer and i have actually talked about designing tshirts that say "cbf: chronic bitch face" because i have a massive problem with it! also i have found that it's a lot easy to be friends with guys than it is with girls! may just be me!

  16. Bahahaha... love the part about the bitch face... I totally have that, too!

  17. Okay, so this post just reaffirms my response about being besties. I suffer from CBH too, but I think of it more as Angry Korean Face or AKF because apparently we Koreans always come off as angry and mean even if we're really nice and a huge black hole of fun. Okay, reasons we should be besties:

    1. I love pizza, and I especially love extra cheese and extra pepperoni and, well, extra pizza.

    2. I'm a great secret keeper too.

    3. I'm not picky either, as long as we're having a good time, I'm down.

    4. I play JustDance on my kids Xbox even when they're sleeping because it's fun and I just want to dance, dammit!

    5. I'll always have some form of alcohol around.

    6. I love to eat and even though I don't diet or really workout, I encourage you to help me workout and drag my ass with you to the gym.

    7. Hell yes to an actual conversation.

    8. I love to listen and joke so we can laugh obnoxiously and people will wonder what we're talking about.

    9. If someone ever does you wrong, I'd totally go and slash their tires.

    10. Ice cream doesn't solve problems, but if you add cake with it, it sure does work wonders.

    11. Watching episodes of comedies and sitcoms on Netflix totally gives us a few new catchphrases and inside jokes to laugh about.

    12. Vomit, blood, you name it - I got your back. Three kids here so I get it too.

    13. I've never had a spa day either so maybe we can go together and see if its worth the hype.

    14. I'll babysit for you if you babysit for me.

    15. I'm really positive and fun too, even though it looks like I'm going to gouge your eyes out with a pair of chopsticks.

  18. This is hysterical. I find it so hard too to make girlfriends now. Did you see this NY times article?

  19. It's hard to find people you connect with the older you get. I was lucky to make friends who live near me via blogging, but even those relationships get hard to maintain - everyone is busy and you don't want to interfere, don't want to be pushy, etc. I hate that we all deal with it but I like that I'm not alone in how weird it can be!

  20. Almost all of my friends moved away from me! I'd totally be your friend if you were closer. I can easily look past CBF.

  21. I have a few friends, but none live anywhere near me anymore. I would totally be your friend. Everyone around me is just so young, living their party days and I'm spending my time changing diapers and singing ABCs. It's pretty much impossible to make friends if you're a mom in your 20s.


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