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Thursday, July 31, 2014

**check out the new digs! Shout out to it girl!*

I really enjoyed reading all of the posts about natural beauty and not trying so hard that Kate at The Florkens, Jackie at Jade & Oak, and Nicole at Treasure Tromp have put together, and decided to join in.

the florkens

I didn't take a fresh picture so I am going to use a few in my phone :) #lazyblogger

I absolutely love this picture... to me this is motherhood. My hair is thrown up in a pony tail and  I am not wearing any makeup and that my friends is shaving cream my 2 year old smeared all over my face when I was trying to bathe him. I love that my eyes still shine and I can see humor in silly messes. Also hello amazing cheek bones :)

I am quite silly can't you tell? This is when I was getting ready to go on my very first 5k run. Yes TMNT fo'life! I love that my smile is so big in this picture and the definition in my leg muscles is showing which took me a VERY long time to get.

And the best for last, technically the remains of the makeup from the previous night is still there but I had just woke up when I took this picture. This was the night after I met Mike for the first time. You can see the happiness in my eyes and my lips look full and beautiful. This is one of my favorite pictures of me because it was the first time in a VERY long time that I woke up happy and feeling beautiful.

PS. Im not conceited we were supposed to tell something we liked about the picture(s).


  1. Not conceited at all!!! You are beautiful and should be able to say it out-loud on occasion!

    and I love the funny pictures, I think those are what my kids are going to remember the most...the ones that are just for fun and not us worrying about looking our best, but being human and moms and such.

  2. Gorgeous pictures!!! Also that Motherhood fav! Seriously love that you look so happy even with shaving cream on your face!!

  3. You are beautiful! Love those pictures of you and I can see the happiness in your eyes!

  4. Awesome pics. My fave pic is the last one. You are gorgeous in all of them

  5. you really do have fabulous cheek bones! i love this link up idea!

  6. Nice pictures.

    And I love the new blog look!!

  7. Beautiful pictures! I love the shaving cream, that is real life!

    Also, loving the new look around these parts!

  8. LOL!! I had to laugh that you put "PS, I'm not conceited" because I just posted some pics of me from today and after I was done I felt like it seemed conceited and that was not it at all!

    You do have a great cheekbones and I love how silly you are. Being silly is one of the most fun parts of life ;)

  9. I love the top one - so funny! I love that you're smiling in it. I don't know if I would be under the circumstances ;)

  10. Aaaah! I love the new digs and all of the pics. Especially that last pic with a little leftover make up the morning after you met Mike is stunning! TMNT - I have some friends OBSESSED with the comeback.

  11. Conceited never even crossed my mind! These are great pictures!

    And I love the new digs!

  12. Gorgeous! Isn't it funny how even though we're not the ones bathing/showering we still get soaking wet? Oh, motherhood.

  13. Love the pics and this link up! (also love the new design :) )

  14. that pics with the shaving cream...i saw it and was like, um........[insert dirty thought here] hahahaha!

    love the new layout :)

    Vodka and Soda

  15. hahah that first pic! you are fabulous and gorgeous and not the least bit conceited. aint nothing wrong with loving yourself!

  16. I love this post- you are beautiful. and yes -TMNT for live. Last year all 4 of us dressed as TMNT for halloween, Carter loved it.

    P.S. Love love the new look!


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