Sweet Summer Time

Thursday, July 10, 2014

I'm linking up with Allie, Faith, and Juliette for....
Ahh Sweet summertime...today's prompt is favorite things to do in the Summer. I love summertime and I love summer down here in the south, even if it is extremely hot!

Some of my favorite things to do in the summer include...

Going to the lake.

Going swimming.

Getting sunburned.

Late night bon fires

Taking the kids to the park... and playin in the creek.

Baseball (like the fun kind not the organized sport kind because thats boring)

Neighborhood kickball

drinking sweet tea sitting on my back porch.

Running outside

Playing pool in the man cave

Listening to country music

mud riding

Taking long rides with the windows down and the radio up.

Being barefoot.

I could go on and on but I'll stop Summer is obviously my favorite season of all...

Do you love Summer, what is your favorite thing about summer?


  1. I love summer, getting into a hot car and sweating buckets is my favorite. I'm just kidding! I actually prefer the fall. Perfect weather! Allergies are not going HAM. Maybe I haven't given summer a fair chance. I will look at some of your loves for summer and maybe I can have a love affair of equal quality lol. Also, I'm commenting with my google account to try to change the no reply problem from commenting with wordpress. Let's see if this works.


  2. Haha omg I love getting sunburned too...it sucks for the first 2 days but then it turns to tan :) And if I could be barefoot all year long I would never wear shoes!!!!


  3. Going to the lake, swimming in the pool and playing pool!! All of those are great!! And whoa, you got REALLY sunburned in that pic.. lol I'm still suffering from my legs and feet.. Showers are painful as hell..lol

  4. I love how laid back summer is. I love summer when the weather is bearable...which isn't all the time around these parts LOL!

    My favorites: beach time, drinking on patios, putt putt, concerts, outdoor festivals, flip flops, ice cream, iced coffee, tanned skin, pools, fun colors.

  5. I wouldn't change a thing about this list... well except for the sunburn, that ish is never fun.

  6. I love summer too, and I like getting a tad sun burnt because I know it will eventually turn to tan and be pretty :)

  7. My favourite thing on your list is listening to country music!

  8. I do not love summer. But I do love the bonfires maybe summer evenings are okay. But only if you can avoid the mosquitoes!

  9. These are all favorites of mine too! Now I want to play kickball!


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