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Thursday, July 17, 2014

This is where I call home. Its not very big and everyone knows everyone and the saying is true. Everyone dies famous in a small town. I talk alot about wanting to travel and visit new places but this is my home and I never really want to move away. It's nice to visit other places but home is where the heart is.

The Brook (see Im saying that in case someone googles the actual city name and finds my blog and then yeah it would just be drama so The Brook it is) what can I say about it. Its extremely small we have a Walmart, some gas stations, a tractor supply store, and a few parks. It takes about 10 minutes to get from point A to point B in any which direction.

Home of the Mustangs... this is my high school... surprisingly for such a small town we have a lot of schools. There's an elementary school K-2, intermediate school 3-4, middle school 5-6, jr. high 7-8 and then the high school 9-12. The very first school I went to was about a mile from my house, that is where I decided my future, because 5 year olds are capable of that, to become a teacher. Its funny almost 22 years later I worked at that very school even though its a daycare now.

If you were to visit my home town you're sure to get a friendly wave while driving down the road, you may get stuck behind a tractor but he will eventually pull over, you'll pass the farmers market and  a feed store. You'll smell some of the best bbq you've ever had at  the Smoke House...its been there for years my mom worked there as a teenager. If you go to the park you'll see kids barefoot in the creek more than the actual playground equipment. You simply must get some ice cream from the old fashioned ice cream truck that drives around.

If you want some drinks and a night out well you have 2 choices and they're owned by the same person. Mulligans and Dooleys. Mulligans has your older crowd but everyone comes here anyway and when we leave there we go to Dooleys to shoot pool and dance on the bar Coyote Ugly style.

Once you leave there you're going to be starving because its usually 3am... we always stop at the Kwik Shop for some pizza....truth-- its better than Pizza Hut any day and its open 24 hours.

Bar life not your style, thats okay travel a little further and you will have a hell of a time mud riding down at the creek (not the one by the park of course).

Or a nice night at home in the man cave drinking a few cold ones with amazing friends shooting pool

We're just a small town full of good hearted people that know how to have a good time.

It may not be big and fancy but its home and it doesnt get any better than this :)

If you're ever planning on moving here read THIS ARTICLE and I'll address some of these things.

#3. Yes you will get asked this no matter the situation, the last question at the interview for my current job was who do you go for. Alabama of course #Rolltide
#4 Fried Green tomatoes are delicious.
#6 Bless your heart can actually be an insult.
#9 Grits... grits are amazing add some cheese and bacon and call it breakfast YUM!
#10 I dont care if you're 6 months older than me or 60 you will hear me say yes/no ma'am/sir
#12 I actually didnt know Forest Gump wasn't a real person LOL
#15 Lake life here is the equivalent to Salt life... its amazing! Oh and every single boater will wave and 'holler' at you when you pass #hospitality y'all
#22 We're sophisticated too... Alabama Shakespeare Festival is pretty amazing.



  1. I've never heard of your town. I've been through Alabama many times but have only actually spent a small amount in Mobile and in Birmingham. One was for a bowl game. Nice to learn a bit about where you are from!

  2. hahahah! I lived in AL for two years and have never heard of 'The Brook', but it sounds like an adorable place. Even though I'm a Gator, my bf went to Bama so I'll throw you a ROLL TIDE ;)

  3. Sounds like fun! My hometown is SUPER SMALL there is nothing open past ten except the bars....of which there are four....for a town of 1200 people....seems excessive! I always say yes Sir, yes Ma'am....I don't think Missouri counts as Southern but I've always done this!

  4. Fried green tomatoes are amazing and rare in the north!

  5. I am from Millbrook....I got married and moved to Montgomery in 1999! I graduated from Stanhope in 1998. Millbrook has grown soooooo much since I lived there.

    1. And I just died LOL
      It has grown a lot its still very small but I love it :-)

    2. ...and just so you know....I am not a crazy stalker! I don't blog, I just read them. I saw where you commented on a post about your Half Marathon being cancelled in October and I clicked on your name (just curious) and BAM! we were disappointed about the same Half. I ran it as my first Half last year and was very sad they moved the date. :(

  6. I lived in AL about 8 or 9 years ago, but never made it over to Millbrook, kind of wish I had now :)

  7. The mascot for the college in my town is the Mustangs!

  8. Sounds like a fun town.

    I love me some BBQ!

  9. I couldn't imagine living in a small town like this!

  10. Um that Dooley's place sounds like such a good time! And I'll take some of that BBQ and pizza please!

  11. Sounds like a fun town! I love the abbreviations throughout as well, smart girl!

  12. Heck yeah for bar dancing!?

  13. I love Alabama. My town I lived in all my life (until moving to yankeeville) was on the Alabama state line and I went there all the time. I couldn't agree more with that article about all you need to know about Alabama.
    I miss Alabama BBQ so much.
    But I have to say...War Eagle :-)


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