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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Today I am supposed to tell you my top 3 favorite blogs, do you know how hard that is? I have 580 blogs on bloglovin, seriously how did I get that many I can't possibly read all of those. Eh any way there are quite a few in my daily reads. The first ones I go to are usually....

Sold Out Arenas
Christina at Sold Out Arenas... homegirl is gorgeous and hilarious!

Whitney at I wore Yoga Pants to Work. Her blog always makes me laugh and she makes some pretty
fabulous shirts!

Duckie from Frikken Duckie because shes my soul sister Love her :)

Omg I just want to put everyone's buttons on this post. I love all the blogs I read please check out the ones I follow on BlogLovin, and follow along because these girls and guy are amazeballs!

Vodka and Soda
I wasn't going to do confessions today and then work happened and I really need to vent. I have a very low key job, they don't ask a whole lot of me so most days I work through my lunch break (unpaid) but I dont mind at all because Im not usually doing much anyway. However, you'd think that if I needed to be late or whatever that they wouldn't count it against me since I have 7 months of unpaid lunch breaks under my belt (but who's counting). I had a teaching interview the other morning and told my bosses I'd be late because of it. Apparently he got pissed about it, and docked my pay. He has never docked my pay before I was always able to 'not take a lunch break' to make up for time missed. I confess that I will now take a lunch break EVERY DAMN DAY even if I sit in my hot ass car for an hour because that was some straight up bullshit.

I confess my ex-husband's baby mama makes me want to punch her in the throat. Not because shes done anything to me, but because she reminds me of a 12 year old with her facebook posts. And shes trying way to hard to convice everyone her relationship is awesome and how much she LOVES my kids. I was there for over a decade you're not fooling anyone, he's still an assbag.
And then there's this
which pretty much tells you in detail about clean eating.

That I tried really really hard to read WILD for 2 damn weeks and its boring as hell, I was relieved when my library loan ended and I couldn't renew it because it was already on hold by someone else. I hope Reese Witherspoon does a better job in the movie bc the book was too hard to get into.
Happy Hump Day!



  1. You just touched my heart girl! You are so sweet I can't even tell you! Thank you for choosing me among the other two ladies. I follow their blogs as well. Frikken Duckie is amazing!!

  2. fabulous blogs, i definitely enjoy them all :)

  3. Which movie is Reese Witherspoon going to be in?

  4. How do you get that many blogs? Wow! I get overwhelmed with the number I have.

  5. wish you would send me a list of some of those 500 folks you read. I love new reads.

    1. you can stalk her blogger profile and typically can find a list of blogs she is following. or stalk her bloglovin 'following'.

      not that I have done that or, not me.

  6. I'm obsessed with Whitney Ellen, as well! I do not blame you a bit for taking a lunch break from now on! Sometimes I just park my car a few blocks down and read a book with the windows down just because it beats eating my lunch in the lunchroom. Hope tomorrow is better :)

    XX, SS || A Little Seersucker Sass

  7. 580? I have maybe 50 and sometimes I get delete happy because I feel like it is too many!

  8. EWWW! I hate when boss people get all high and mighty. You take your lunch break girlie! That's just rude!

  9. I also hate how people be all over Facebook talking about how their relationship is just perfect, blah blah blah! Eating clean take some strong dedication!

  10. I enjoy all three of those ladies blogs. They are everyday reads!

  11. grown adults acting like 12 year olds on facebook are actually the WORST. THE. WORST. you have every right to hate.

  12. Oh wow, that is a lot of blogs! I would be so overwhelmed ha ha. Your boss sounds like he was a total asshat!

  13. THAT IS SOME STRAIGHT UP BULLSHIT. WHO DOCKS PAY?? it's called treating adults like adults and it's not like you come in late on the regular. you take that lunch and every single break and do not go back to your desk a second early; the company can suck it. i hate it when companies nickel and dime their employees!

  14. I love Duckie and Whitney- I'll have to check out Christina- thanks for sharing! And your boss sucks! That's so unfair- if he's gonna dock your pay for being late, it's not worth it to not take your lunch break!

  15. My number of blogs on Blog lovin' is out of control too :)
    I hate when work goes & gets stupid ... it always is someone making work miserable. Stupid.

  16. Docking your pay is absolutely ridiculous. Take your lunch break, every day, every minute.

    I don't have even close to that many blogs on Bloglovin and some days I just declare feed bankruptcy because I just can't fathom catching up on that much reading.

  17. Wow you follow a lot of blogs, I'm still looking for new ones ;)

  18. That's insane! Take allllllll the lunch breaks! Work has been a bitch for me too lately! I wish I could quit already!

    And thank you for the shoutout sistahhhhh! Lol. I've been slacking on blogging because of work so now I'm trying to catch up with everyone and everything. Just a warning that you may see more than one comment from me today. ;-)


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