How about some alone time?

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

I'm linking up with Allie, Faith, and Juliette for....
So most of you know I have 3 small children and a live in boyfriend oh and my brother just moved in with us too. Alone time is not something that happens very often but when I get some alone time im like

So what are some things might a mom of 3 do when she's home alone you ask....

  • practice my booty shaking skills in the mirror... dont judge me I know you've done it before!
  • Drink an entire bottle of wine then pass out in the recliner.
  • Bubble bath with candles (im sophisticated yo!)
  • Eat junk food without hiding it... Woo hoo I dont have to share with the kids.
  • Read all night long in my bed.
  • Browse facebook
  • Binge watch Netflix
  • Pick my nose, I kid, or am I?
  • Fold laundry DO IT BIG YO!
  • Paint my toenails.
  • shave my legs.
  • Spend entirely too long on the toilet because its so rare when I get to go by myself.
  • think of better things I could have said in an argument.
  • browse facebook
  • eat ice cream out of the container
  • PIZZA for one please.
  • Do sit ups then look at my abs... 
  • get sad when theres not instant success
  • text my boyfriend because Im bored.
  • Check on my kids.
  • Go to bed early
Clearly I am 'bout that life, I know you're secretly jealous of all the awesomeness going on up in here!

What do you do when you're alone and DONT even try to tell me you dont booty pop in the mirror every now and then LOL


  1. I have such great plans when I'm alone without kids--but I usually just end up watching TV (because I never get to) and falling asleep early!

  2. I scream Beyoncé songs as loud as I can as if I were on stage performing them myself. Dance moves and hair whipping included. or I just watch tv and eat.

  3. haha think of better things i could have said in an argument - um yes! except for the kids parts, this is basically me home alone haha

  4. I usually read, watch shows that my husband doesn't like or sing loudly to songs I love.

    Ok...maybe booty pop in the mirror. You caught me!

  5. ahh....a free bathroom break without having to lock the door or yell outside for the kids to stop fighting?

  6. lately I've been eating way too much junk food and I so need to stop

  7. Booty popping is a necessity of alone time!

  8. I'm all the time thinking of really clever things that I could've said to win an argument, or I think of things that will win one and always forget them!

  9. I love being alone!

    I eat what I want. I watch what I want. And I get the bed to myself.

  10. I actually can't say I booty pop. I do dance. A lot. And sing really loudly.

  11. The best part about being home alone is being able to eat junk food without having to share or feel ashamed! haha

  12. A bubble bath with candles and a good book is on my list too!

  13. Aww love that you added text the bf and check on the kids. Also I thought I was the only one who thinks of better things they could have said in an argument. The good stuff always comes after the fact.

  14. True story: I learned how to twerk by practicing in the mirror. Hell yeah! And the BEST is alone time on the toilet without someone calling for you, or little fingers reaching under the door! It's the little things non-parents take for granted.


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