Things that make me smile..

Monday, July 7, 2014

I'm linking up with Allie, Faith, and Juliette for....
I missed the first week but Im in for the rest of July, hopefully, I am not a weekend blogger. :P

Things that make me smile:

Emma Stone..I love her!
My beautiful children, at least while they are sleeping, I kid...maybe.
My boyfriend *swoon*
My bosses letting me leave early
Small children playing
Blog comments
Talking to my mom
Silly texts
Random acts of kindness
When my youngest winks at me (he just slowly blinks his eyes)
When I get a job interview (TOMORROW)
Hearing All of Me..yes its played out but it makes me think of Mike
The rare chance my oldest gives me a hug (gosh am I that mom already)
The ending of a good book
Sunny days
Manicures where my tech HEY MIMI doesnt talk in another language the entire time!
again my children, they really are the light of my life!

What makes you smile? 


  1. Your post made me smile! Best of luck on that job interview tomorrow! You're gonna nail it girl!

  2. these are great! good luck on your interview tomorrow!

  3. Ohhh my gosh. I was telling my husband yesterday that I wanted a nail salon where no one spoke another language. He did not understand. I was like THEY POINT AND LAUGH. AAHHH.

  4. A sunny day + Starbucks sounds like the perfect day to me!

  5. I have a son, so I completely understand how happy the little ones can make you. My son is also my best friend (me and him against the world!) so his hugs and kind words druing a sad moment is the best moment in life, period. Ice cream is also wonderful :)

  6. I LOVE Emma Stone! She's just so great!! And Gifs? Yes, please.

  7. Starbucks always makes me smile, thank god for coffee and bosses letting you leave early is ALWAYS a win win!

  8. Awww... I love all of these!!! My kids make me smile and so does my dog, they are all goofballs! Now I wish I had a boyfriend cause that song... maybe not really lol

  9. It's impossible to not like Emma Stone! I've been on an ice cream kick lately, but at least I stumbled on Ben and Jerry's Froyo, so I don't feel as bad ;)

  10. aww i love all these as well esp all the ones about kids!

  11. Emma Stone is ah-mazing..and getting to leave work early has to be one of the best things ever--esp on Friday!!


  12. These are sweet! A lot of things make me smile! :-)


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