Dear college

Tuesday, July 15, 2014


Dear college first and foremost F you...yeah thats right F you! 

   I have spent the last 6 years of my life writing 18645908678 papers, doing countless lesson plans...then doing them again because they didn't work out. I spent 180 hours in classrooms learning to be a teacher. I read a million stupid books in literature class , spent overwhelming amounts of money at starbucks for hardcore study sessions. Did I mention while I did all this I had two small children at home? Yeah well I put quite a bit of time and effort into you college while my children watched from the sidelines. My babies were eating ramen noodles and easy mac because mommy had a huge exam or whatever the next day. The struggle was real college I hope you don't take this lightly.

Last year we decided to part ways, you finally released me from your treachery for only a small fee of oh 65 grand, and I graduated. Yes I was going on to bigger and better things. I was going to teach all the children. Im telling you I was going to be a freaking legend of a teacher! You would read about me in the history books. Seriously...stop laughing! Oh, but you had other plans for me didn't you college? You made me believe all my dreams were going to come true. Teaching is a position that will never end, there are so many jobs out there, who cares take out another student loan. You most certainly will be able to pay it back because you are definitely going to get a job come August.  I left campus that day with a huge smile on my face....

Graduating...but first let me take a selfie!
Well I began putting in application after application. I just knew that I was going to be a teacher and I was going to be freaking AWESOME at it. Guess what college?! I didn't find a job, instead I took a part time job at a daycare...kind of the same thing right? WRONG! I worked for ignorant people who didn't know if they were coming or going. I got paid once a month, and couldn't even pay my bills. Oh you remember my children right? Yeah they are still struggling right along with mommy. You and your false promises. I decided finally that daycare work just wasnt for me after all I am over qualified. I set my sights out on finding a full time job. Of course teaching was out of the question since it was the middle of the school year. I landed a job as a receptionist....go big or go home right?

Instead of lining children up in cute little lines, learning our ABCs and 123s, and making colorful bulletin boards..Im currently contemplating banging my head on this desk repeatedly. My day now pretty much consists of fetching coffee and making copies oh and this...

Making coffee for my bosses...but first let me take a selfie
See college you have failed me you have let me down. Stop calling me...I dont have your money. I know I owe you 65grand but I will tell you just like I tell all my other debt collectors (we've became friends maybe I should write them a letter too) I dont have the money Im a single mom working a 8-5 with minimum pay. I might can look in the bottom of my purse but Im pretty sure all that is in there is a half eaten sucker, some cracker crumbs, and maybe a lego or two. Do you accept that as payment? You dont...damn thought we could make a deal!

In conclusion.... Fuck you college! Guess I could have made it short and sweet and said that in the beginning but this was more fun!


  1. I know the feeling. I am more upset with high school teachers and people telling me that as long as I graduate from college I will make so much money! I graduated from college twice.. bachelor's and master's degree.. My job does require a degree but not the degree I worked on, so yea.. side note.. have you put your loans in forbearance since you are not able to pay that way you do not have late fees accumulating?

  2. ahhh student loan debt is the best, isnt it? sometimes i wonder why i went to college at all ;) even if it was online college, lol

  3. Ugh F college is right! I'll be paying off student loans until I'm like 60 and I don't even have a degree!!!!

  4. Yep, F you college. All you were good for was introducing me to the people that I love, a passion for late night binging on food and booze, and a whole lotta debt. I feel you sister, I feel you!

  5. My student loans piss me off too. It is ridiculous how many people I know that are not using their all. And that ecard, RIGHT?!?!

  6. Girl Sallie Mae calls me everyday.....keep calling bitch....keep calling...

  7. yea i went to college for 5 years and look where i'm at today. I think half the time it's for nothing. its sad you got the education and nothing to show for it if you're like me.

  8. I have a very similar post to this one lined up to be published later this week! I can REALLY relate to everything you've just written besides that you did everything while having to be a parent, which I couldn't even imagine. I thought that if I relocated, I would be able to find a teaching job, but it hasn't worked out for me so far. I'm getting really nervous and I don't want to sub again next year because it's not reliable/steady work. With the debt I'm in from school I can't afford to not be working!

  9. haha too funny. I barely use my first degree so I know exactly what you mean.

  10. "Fuck you college"... bahahahah! I know so many people who are in the same boat, girl. Pain in the ass!

  11. OMG! To do this day I often think that my degree was a waste and the fact that I owe allllll this money back! Hopefully it comes in handy and soon!


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