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Monday, July 14, 2014


When I open the fridge, I always hope I find a mountain dew, but I never do, and that makes me sad. Damn you healthy lifestyle and your lack of deliciousness that is the dew! But if we're being honest. There is rarely anything in my fridge that doesnt have to be cooked and in the middle of the night I'm like this...and then resort to eating peanut butter out of the jar with a spoon. I have no shame.

My favorite article of clothing is yoga pants and a tank top. I hate getting dressed, I hate doing my hair, and I hate doing my makeup and if my boyfriend didn't fuss about it I probably wouldn't shave my legs either. Im so not a girly girl. Plus I dont have to do this with my yoga pants. I heart you yoga pants.

Last week I was really pissed when I had to come back to work after vacation. I just wanted to lay in bed for another few days but apparently thats frowned upon as an adult.

One thing nobody understands about me is I have moments when I am a complete crazy person and everything pisses me off for no reason and then a few seconds later Im all unicorns and rainbows. I think sometimes I just need to be left alone...with snacks...and netflix. I really think its just what happens when you become a mom... you have to act insane to get a moment of peace.

One thing I don't understand is... seriously we could be here all day if I answered this one. However, I really dont understand how men want to have children and then not want to help take care of them. I am supposed to pay for everything and still let you come and get them when ever you want to and you get to be superdad and take them to the waterpark or where ever else and yet you dont have to spend a billion dollars on diapers or more than rent on daycare... UGH! sorry I got carried away.

The world would be a better place if you got a summer break as an adult..a paid summer break... yes people would be so happy :) The last day of work before Summer, adults everywhere would be like

If I had a million dollars, I'd pay off student loans, buy a house, new wardrobe and a bunch of other materialistic bullshit that means nothing in the grand scheme of things but Im broke and right now these are the things Im thinking of. 

If I knew I'd die next week, this week I'd hug my children more, quit work to spend every last dime I had to take my kids somewhere special and make sure they know how much I love them. This question really made me sad :(

If I could change one thing about myself, it would be my self confidence. I am lacking in this department and I think I'd excel at so many things if I had more confidence in myself.

Something that can always make me happy is my boys, they may drive me insane but their smiles or hugs out of no where will definitely put a smile on my face.

Something I'll never blog about is my views on religion.

If I could go anywhere I would go on a road trip to all the places I'd like to visit most. Top on my list is New York City because I've never been out of this small town I live in. Ive traveled to Florida and Georgia but I still feel like I've only visited relatively small cities. I want to experience New York and Im sure its nothing like Sex and the City but it's always been a dream of mine to go :) 

If I were an animal I would be a sloth...I'd be the perfect sloth. I love to sleep and if I dont have a redbull then I move at a very slow pace. Im capable of falling asleep anywhere. Fact one time I fell asleep standing up at the lake and ended up in the water. Yeah sloth, I'd be great at being a sloth. Was I supposed to put something inspirational here? LOL
A job I've always wanted is to be a teacher, you all already know this though :-)

My idea of a perfect day is when the temperature is about 75 not a cloud in the sky. No work (duh) and we're cruising down the lake all day with the kids. Good food, cold drinks, and not a worry in the world. Im a simple kind of girl, I'll take a relaxing day on the lake any day!

Oh yeah today is my mom's birthday, she doesnt read my blog but HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!


  1. Mountain dew is the best, and I'm also pretty slothlike in the morning. Or maybe more zombie-like, because I move slowly but am also prone to violent outbursts?

  2. OMG I would love a paid summer break like teachers. That would be the life!

  3. Totally understand the parenting thing. How is the not smoking going by the way?

  4. A paid summer break would be amazing!!! I would love that! The sloth is so funny! I don't think I've ever seen on in real life.

  5. Lol at the jeans. That is why I am also a fan of yoga pants :)

  6. Coming back to work from vacation is the worst!!!

    And I really dont understand the whole having kids but not taking care of them thing either? Like WTF?

    Also, I think visiting NYC would be so fun! I just wouldn't want to live there...

    Happy Birthday Mom!

  7. Summer break as an adult needs to be established. honestly, we'd all be nicer human beings!


  9. Acting insane is the only way that my husband realizes that I've been pushed to my limit. Also yes to paying off the student loans, the worst decision I've ever made!

  10. Mountain Dew is one of the best things. EVER.

  11. "if my boyfriend didn't fuss about it I probably wouldn't shave my legs either." .. haha yes! me too.

  12. That does sound like an awesome day.

    When I open my fridge, I hope to find Diet Coke. I usually do. I try to always keep it stocked, because I know I'm pretty mean without it.

  13. You and I think alot on alot of these. Esp on the thing we dont understand. we'd be here all day huh and about how some days everything pisses us off.

  14. I could not survive without yoga pants! And happy birthday to your mom!

  15. The picture of the sloth made me yawn for real. haha

  16. I wear yoga pants every day if I'm not leaving the house (most weekdays) and once I come home I change into them. Regular pants just aren't worth it.

  17. A Sloth? Those are so adorable!! I would love to just go on a GIANT Roadtrip!!


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