August Goals... July's recap

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Wow it is August already and I just started teaching yesterday so bare with me I may be in and out for a while. This is a huge adjustment!

July's goals were A BIG FAT BUST!


1. Successfully quit smoking (1 week today) FAIL :(
  2. Run 6 miles a few times a week. Right now I am topping off at 5, I want to go up to 6. FAIL I am back down to just doing 3.5 a day Gotta up my game!

  3. Continue Clean eating. I actually did really well on this :))

  4. Clean at least one room of the house everyday so it's not a complete disaster. HAHAHAHAHAHA

  5. Complete 1200 minutes of exercise. I didn't keep up with it but I have ran Mon- Fri every week this month so I am going to say I passed this!

  6. Track how many miles I run this month. well crap!

  7. Take my kids somewhere fun instead of binge watching Netflix on the weekends. YES! We went on a spontaneous beach trip and played in the sand and mini golf it was awesome!

August goals...

I am not going to overwhelm myself this month since I am starting this teaching job and life is pretty much changing for me a lot right now!

1. Run Monday-Friday at least 3 miles push for more.
2. Do a great job at teaching (ya know to hopefully secure this gig permanently)
3. Save as much money as possible (just in case the above doesn't happen)
4. Continue clean eating  

 Yes I am going to be the Chuck Norris of teachers hahaha im totally scared to death but let's pretend


  1. good luck this month girly! i have got to step up my running game, half marathon in october eep :-|

  2. YOU SMOKED!! WTF!!!!!!!

  3. Good luck with your first week! I know you are going to rock it!

  4. Sounds totally doable and you got half'ish from last month so good job!

  5. That last GIF though! lol.. I don't really even sets goals anymore... I need to get back at that for sure.

  6. you're doing alright hun. The fails aren't fails ... they are minor bumps, theres always a next time :)

  7. Staying true to clean eating is sooo hard but the results are worth it!

  8. We have similar running goals this month, we can do it!

  9. You are going to be an awesome teacher! Good luck!

  10. Totally lmao at July's #4 goal and response. That's me. Hahaha.


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